Thank You For Support

Published: November 29, 2017 at 12:00 am


To the Editor:

I want to send my thanks to all the people who have helped me during my seven years on the Newtown Board of Education. I want to acknowledge the 700-plus staff members of the District for their dedication. I have seen firsthand how teachers, administrators, central office, maintenance, and security all work together for what is best for all students. Through the District's Celebration of Excellence, I know our students work together to support each other.

Board members appreciate central office staff who are always available to help us even though they are busy with other work. The superintendents whom I have worked with were focused on accomplishing for students, but also spent time talking with us.

The board members I have worked with are clearly all in for the kids and despite their differences, have been considerate to each other, making our meetings pleasant and my time as chair easier.

The BOE relies on the work of others as well, so I would like to thank the rest of our elected officials, both locally and at the state level. We have not always agreed on the best course of action, but I know that we are all working for what we think is best for Newtown.

I also have appreciated the support from the community, including voters who have put me in the job several times and parents who have put me in my place just as often!

Finally, I would like to thank my family. Like the families of many people working and volunteering in the service of Newtown, they have been patient and have seldom complained.

We decided that I could do some good by being on the Board of Education, and hopefully we were right.

Thank you all.

Keith Alexander
8 Fawnwood Road, Sandy Hook        November 29, 2017

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