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Town Players Announce Auditions For ‘Funny Money’

Published: February 10, 2019 at 08:00 am


NOTE (Sunday, March 3, 2019): This story has been updated to reflect the rescheduled dates for these auditions. Due to an expected March 3 snowstorm, the auditions were postponed to March 10-11. 

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Funny Money is the next show scheduled to be staged by Town Players of Newtown.

In the 1994 comedy by Ray Cooney, a mild-mannered accountant accidentally picks up the wrong briefcase and discovers it is filled with lots of British pounds. Tired of the day-to-day grind, he decides to keep the money and immediately wants to depart for points unknown.

Will his wife go along with the plan? How does he keep the news away from his best friends? Throw in the police, an impatient taxi driver, and the briefcase’s actual owner, and an evening of hilarious theater is the result.

Gene Golaszewski is slated to direct the production, which will run weekends, May 17-June 8.

Auditions are scheduled for Sunday and Monday, March 10-11, from 7 to 9 pm each night. They will be at the theater, 18 Orchard Hill Road.

British accents are helpful but not required. The ages of all characters are negotiable.

The cast includes Henry Perkins, an insignificant London accountant solidly situated in the English middle class, who has just received the best birthday present ever;

Jean Perkins, Henry’s wife — a pretty, ordinary middle class English housewife leading an ordinary life;

Betty Johnson, a buxom and cheerful housewife, who, along with her husband, is best friends with the Perkinses, and a woman who can think on her feet;

Vic Johnson, Betty’s husband, a brash man with feet of clay who seems to be a step behind everyone else;

Davenport, a detective sergeant who’s seen it all and wants a piece of the action;

Slater, another police officer, a solicitous and kindly soul until provoked; and

Bill, a cabbie full of spirit and very resourceful.

For additional information, call 203-270-9144, send e-mail to, or visit


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