Walking The Hawk Walk At HOM

Published: May 25, 2019 at 07:10 am


Sprinkling rain did not stop spirits from soaring at Head O’ Meadow Elementary School on May 17, when the school hosted its first Hawk Walk. In honor of the day, the school’s newly purchased hawk mascot was named and students walked laps around the school’s front parking lot.

The PTA-sponsored event — organized by Kelly Albrecht — was the highlight of a fundraising campaign for the PTA.

As class by class exited the school’s main entrance, students walked under an archway made of colorful balloons. Parents, waiting along the school’s front walkway to encourage students, cheered as students walked by. DJ Emil Serrano, Jr, played upbeat music like “Can’t Stop the Feeling!” by Justin Timberlake and Survivor’s “Eye of the Tiger.” Then, all of the classes assembled together to hear Principal Tim Napolitano introduce the day’s event before the walk officially began.

Mr Napolitano reminded everyone the school’s motto is, “There’s no place like HOM.”

“It takes a kind, caring community, like all of you, to make this place wonderful,” said Mr Napolitano.

By then, the warm afternoon skies had changed to a light drizzle. Students and staff cheered as Mr Napolitano and lead teacher Carol Danenberg continued the introduction. Ms Danenberg explained that throughout the fundraiser, the school had raised more than $15,000 of the $20,000 goal. The fundraising continues through May 25. For passing the $15,000 mark, the students earned a glow-in-the-dark lunch celebration.

Just as the rain was letting up a little, physical education teacher Steve “Coach” Dreger led the entire school in dancing exercises. Music continued to play as the group stepped left, right, and lifted their hands in the air to the beat.

Then the name for the new hawk mascot was announced. Ahead of the event, the school voted between three names of the mascot — Homer, Hawkins, and Hawkeye. When Mr Napolitano announced the winning name is Hawkeye, students cheered, and the new mascot, a blue and gold hawk, exited the school to be introduced to the students.

Hawkeye walked with the students for part of the Hawk Walk.

“Hawkeye has moves,” one parent observed as the mascot danced along the walk’s path.

As the walk was underway, PTA volunteers offered up different activities. After one loop, hula hoops were put out for students to use. Later, walkers had to limbo under a bar to continue lapping; and during another loop, PTA volunteers sprayed bubbles. Throughout the walk, students held hands, danced with their teachers, and skipped along to the beat of the music.

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