We Are Here, Thanks To You

Published: January 17, 2019 at 04:30 pm


It is never too soon or too late to say “thank you,” and that is just what the publisher and staff of The Bee Publishing Co are choosing to do this week.

Within the pages of this issue of The Newtown Bee, readers will find a special advertisement thanking all of our advertisers and subscribers. You are the businesses and people who sustain us; without your support, we could not bring you the award-winning stories and news that we have for the past nearly 142 years.

Even in the most ordinary of times, we count on the advertisers who acknowledge the value in reaching thousands of area readers, and the subscribers who are willing to spend less than $1 each week for The Newtown Bee in order to get the most in-depth local news available in this area, delivered to the doorstep — which is why we are choosing this time to publicly offer our gratitude; it is not tied to any holiday or significant anniversary. If space allowed, we would print this shout out every week; giving thanks can never be overdone.

Our pens have been put to paper this week, and personal signatures fill this thank you note to our readers. These are the people who work to bring you the news about Newtown. From reporters and editors to layout, pressroom and management, it is a cooperative effort, with quality in mind every step of the way. This community is home to our staff, even if their addresses lie outside of the 06470 or 06482 zip codes.

We recognize that our print readers enjoy browsing our online sites, newtownbee.com and antiquesandthearts.com, and that there are those who solely like a digital version of the news. We appreciate that it is advertisers and subscribers who make online editions possible at this time, as well. Subscribers to The Newtown Bee, though, are rewarded with more content in print than online readers will find.

We offer the best experience for all of our readers, in any format. Every reader is valued by us. Updated information always populates our website, as does breaking news.

It is our hope that online readers will find their curiosity piqued enough to consider subscribing to the print editions (easily accomplished at newtownbee.com or antiquesandthearts.com using the Subscribe tab on the home pages) — where they will access all the information (and advertisements for our local businesses) that they do not receive digitally. The Newtown Bee can also be purchased at local businesses throughout town, and of course, from our friendly self-service dolly out front of our 5 Church Hill Road office on Thursday afternoons. Both publications are available inside the lobby, any day.

The privilege of sharing your stories is an honor we respect; and commitment to bringing you the news you need is always at the heart of what we do. We are here for you, our advertisers and subscribers — and our online readers — whether times are troubled or calm. We are immensely grateful that you are here for us, as well.

Thank you.


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