Who Is Mitch Bolinsky?

Published: October 22, 2018 at 12:25 pm


To the Editor:

Who is Mitch Bolinsky?

This question has many answers. Mitch is a dedicated and passionate advocate for Newtown in our State Capitol. He’s a caring, giving man and supportive, understanding husband and father.

Mitch is trustworthy, approachable, organized, and a creative problem solver. He’s an open-minded listener who goes above and beyond to fight for what’s right.

I’ve seen my father’s passion and dedication to Newtown seemingly grow with each passing day for more than 18 years, from leading hundreds of boys and families through Cub Scouts at Head O’ Meadow to teaching hundreds of Newtown teens to be safe, conscientious drivers, he’s “all-in.” When he welcomes fourth grade classes of Newtown schoolchildren at the Capitol, his “mock sessions” are magical displays of childlike energy and animation. He even helps start new families as a Newtown Justice of the Peace.

On a personal note, my father has always put others before self. His warm smile and open ear are always there for direction and support. He’s my guide through any struggle or new chapter of life with his warm smile and often strange sense of humor. The love and dedication he has for others shines through any conversation.

One of the most important qualities that Mitch brings to his work as State Representative is an ability to approach new issues from multiple viewpoints before forming a position. He’s fair and dedicated to seeing the big picture because he cares. He genuinely wants to make people happy, do good, and right wrongs. Often, his advocating turns into legislation to solve a problem or help a cause.

There is no better person to represent Newtown than the man who has been my biggest inspiration. Vote to reelect my father as Newtown’s State Representative on November 6. He has our backs.


Rachel Bolinsky

3 Wiley Lane, Newtown        October 22, 2018


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