Cold, Snow Doesn't Deter Team 26 Departure To Washington, DC

With their 400 mile route displayed on a huge banner, a Ben's Bell dangling from the podium, spiritual blessings, encouragement from political leaders, nonprofit founders, a 12/14 victim's parent and the staff of Sandy Hook Elementary School, Team 26 departed for its third ride to Washington, DC Saturday morning, March 28. Amid swirling snow and decidedly un-springlike cold, approximately 150 residents and supporters gathered for a brief ceremony on the steps of Edmond Town Hall to bid farewell and Godspeed to the 26 cyclists and support staff accompanying them on their four-day trek.

Resident’s Dive Medicine Conference Covering Cold, Deep Water Safety, Shark Habitats

Newtown’s “diver doctor,” David Charash, DO, is poised to host the next in a series of annual Dive Medicine Conferences on April 11 at Danbury’s Ethan Allan Inn at 21 Lake Ave Extension. Welcoming vendors and exhibitors including Newtown Underwater Search And Rescue (NUSAR), Dr Charash told The Newtown Bee that he is honored to be bringing in one of the world’s foremost authorities on deep water diving. “Joe Dituri is recently retired from serving as a Navy Deep Submergence Unit commander, and he holds the world’s record for the deepest underwater dive,” Dr Charash said. “He is also one of the few divers to utilize a deep diving exosuit.” Mr Dituri will discuss some of the health and safety implications of in-water recompression for both research and public safety divers. “He’s a world authority on the subject of decompressing without the use of a hyperbaric chamber,” the physician added. Mr Dituri will be joined on the program by cold water expert and author Bernie Chowdhury, who will cover health and safety practices for cold water diving along with Dr Charash.

Halstead Honored By Board Of Fire Commissioners

Bill Halstead was honored by the Board of Fire Commissioners at the conclusion of the board’s meeting on March 23. Mr Halstead celebrated his 50th anniversary as a firefighter in January. Once the business meeting was finished Monday night, the commissioners surprised Mr Halstead with the honor. Sandy Hook firefighters took a break from their training drill to join the commissioners for the brief presentation to their chief.

12.14 Foundation Casting Calls Set For ‘Liberty Smith,’ Junior Version Of ‘Lion King’

Since 12.14 Foundation summer musical director and creative leader Michael Unger left Newtown after last year’s successful run of 101 Dalmatians: The Musical and A Rockin’ Midsummer Night’s Dream, he has been very busy. Along with editing an opera DVD in Boise, Idaho, and recently taking on the position of Artistic Director of the York Theatre in New York City, Mr Unger has been working with 12.14 Foundation founder Michael Baroody to determine which shows the company will mount for 2015. The local foundation, whose goal is to eventually develop a year-round arts center in Newtown, has announced it will begin auditioning for its two summer productions April 25, along with a new pay-to-participate program.

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