Management Takes Steps To Address Growing Pains At Nunnawauk Meadows

Since opening in 1975 with 40 one-bedroom units, Nunnawauk Meadows has provided affordable housing for the elderly in Newtown. The community on Nunnawauk Road, off Mile Hill Road, has expanded more than once in the past 40 years, with current units now numbering 134. More than More than 150 residents enjoy the affordable housing, and many more would, said Nunnawauk Meadows Board of Directors President Richard Kovacs and Linda Manganaro, executive director of the facility since 2011, if there were more apartments. “There has always been a need for more housing here,” said Ms Manganaro, “and we usually have a wait list of over 100.”

Health Officials Focusing On ‘Critical Numbers’ During Heart Month

Quick, can you remember your bank PIN? How about the last four digits of your phone number…or the month and year your go-to credit card expires? With more and more numbers swirling around in our heads, and as February — American Heart Month — approaches, the Newtown Health District wants residents to be sure and remember a few numbers that are more important than all the rest. Matter of life and death important, according to Newtown Health District Director Donna Culbert. Every February, she turns her attention toward heart health, one of the district’s three top community wellness issues, along with tickborne disease and substance abuse prevention. To reinforce the importance of heart health, each week during February, The Newtown Bee in collaboration with the Newtown Health District and its partners, will promote a series of “Love Your Heart” events and activities to help all residents take better care of their cardiovascular health.

NYFS Receives Grant From Fairfield County’s Community Foundation

Fairfield County’s Community Foundation has awarded a $40,000 competitive grant to Newtown Youth & Family Services Inc. This grant will provide funding for an NYFS case manager, help support NYFS social groups programs, be used to hire and train two new mentors for those social groups, and assist with community communications.

Malloy Links I-84 Widening To Region’s Economic Growth

At a brief, windswept press conference staged at the I-84 Exit 2 Welcome Center January 22, Governor Dannel P. Malloy said widening Interstate 84 in both directions through Danbury is critical for economic growth in western Connecticut, as well as easing rush-hour traffic along that heavily congested section of the highway to improve quality of life. The governor, joined by Department of Transportation Commissioner James Redeker, noted in a post-event release that the I-84 corridor through the western part of the state carries more than 125,000 vehicles on an average weekday, resulting in busy morning and evening peak hours. “Congested roads are bad for business and bad for families — and we need to fix them,” Gov Malloy said.

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