Sandy Hook Advisory Commission Completes Work, Until Next Year

Governor Dannel Malloy appropriately attended the final meeting of his Sandy Hook Advisory Commission Friday, February 6, as the panel released the final version of its report and recommendations in the wake of one of the worst school shootings in U.S. history in Sandy Hook on December 14, 2012. The comparatively brief 40-minute gathering provided an opportunity for most of the panel in attendance to both thank the governor for their appointments, with most also taking time to reflect on, or makes calls to action as a result of the recommendations set forth in the document. Those recommendations address school safety, emergency response, post-incident follow-up, gun safety and mental health concerns.

Deep Freeze Makes Lake Zoar A Winter Playground

Winter has frozen Lake Zoar from shore to shore, and the ice is thick — circumstances some residents have not seen in several years. Waterview Drive resident Cindy Palkimas has been a lakeside resident for 13 years, and remembers the lake freezing over completely in the past. “This year the ice is the thickest it’s ever been since I moved here.” While neighbors and residents have been able to run snowmobiles and ATVs over the lake's surface this season, some are keeping their eyes on the ice for other reasons. When the temperatures rise, large chunks of moving ice may spell trouble. Lake Zoar Authority member and Underhill Road resident Gary Fillion corroborates this. The ice breaking up “could be a disaster” if an ice dam floats down river, Mr Fillion said. “If people have rigid docks that stay in all year, ice sheets could take docks with them. There is potential for shoreline damage.”

NUMC To Celebrate, And Begin Winding Down, 25 Years Of Pasta Suppers

Newtown United Methodist Church’s Pasta Project will celebrate its 25th anniversary this month. The monthly NUMC Saturday Pasta Dinner will be this weekend, on March 7, from 5 to 7:30 pm, in the church’s lower gathering hall. The public will have two more opportunities to enjoy the monthly spaghetti dinner after that, longtime volunteer and project coordinator Martha Millett has announced. In June, the project will conclude its run of community gatherings.

Newtown’s RadioShack Staying Put, Just Not Honoring Other Stores’ Returns

Local electronics consumers rejoice! While nearly 1,800 RadioShack stores across the nation, including more than a dozen in Connecticut, will be closing by the end of March, Newtown’s independently owned store in the Sand Hill Plaza on South Main Street is remaining open. According to a store representative responding to a call from The Newtown Bee, there are just a couple of policy changes resulting from the massive corporate action following an early February bankruptcy announcement. The Newtown RadioShack is no longer honoring corporate gift cards, nor is it issuing gift cards or certificates of its own for the time being. The local electronics retailer is also not accepting any RadioShack returns unless the purchase originated in the Newtown store.

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