• Cultural Arts Commission To Sponsor Parks & Rec Classes

    The Newtown Cultural Arts Commission will be sponsoring four classes through the Newtown Parks and Recreation Department beginning this month. Thanks to financial support from NCAC, the fee for two of the classes will be $20, and the fee for the other two classes is $25. Two classes of Drawing Mixed Media, to be held at Newtown Middle School, and Ballet Barre Workout and Broadway Tap, both at The Graceful Planet, will be the inaugural offerings of the Cultural Commission’s programming outreach.

  • Health Director Still Encouraging Flu Shots Despite ‘Shift’ In Virus

    For years Newtown Health District Director Donna Culbert has been recommending that residents be proactive and always get their flu shots to create the most robust protection against contracting the annual strains of influenza that circulate throughout much of the winter season. But this year, Ms Culbert is being proactive by clarifying information about a so-called “shift” or “drift” in one of the flu strains current vaccines were designed to attack, to be sure residents do not hear misinformation and opt out of getting their annual shot because they believe it is no longer effective.

  • Yoga Benefit Planned For Resiliency Center

    Yoga Dimensions will host a benefit yoga class on Sunday, December 14. The class will begin at 2 pm. Suggested donation is $35, with all proceeds to go to The Resiliency Center of Newtown. The class will be a 90 minute organic easy yoga flow, co-taught by many of the teachers at Yoga Dimensions who are donating their time to support the center, which was created to directly serve and help the people of Newtown affected by the Sandy Hook tragedy.

  • Outreach Ministry Seminar: ‘The Normal Aging Process’

    St Rose of Lima will host its next Outreach Ministry seminar, “The Normal Aging Process,” on Tuesday, December 9. Susan Varano, a geriatric physician and former director of Yale’s Elder Horizons Program, and an assistant clinical professor at Yale University, will focus on the normal biology of aging vs dementia. The program will help attendees learn physical and cognitive signs of normal aging. Dr Varano will also answer questions regarding the topic.

  • Resiliency Center Of Newtown Announces December 13-14 Weekend Schedule, Additional Events

    The Resiliency Center of Newtown (RCN) will be open during the weekend of Saturday and Sunday, December 13 and 14, with programs to help residents navigate through the second anniversary of 12/14. A fundraiser is also planned for the center, on December 7; and a children's workshop will be offered on December 9.

  • Sound Center Open House, Sunday Afternoon

    The Sound Center for Music, Creative Arts and Mindfulness, in the historic renovated chapel at 31 Hawleyville Road,  invites the public to usher in the holidays with a month of opportunities to relax, rejuvenate, and celebrate. On Sunday, December 7, an IAM Meditation Technique Workshop will begin at 11 am. Then from 2 to 4:30 pm, an open house will feature an herbal skincare party and holiday mini reiki sessions, by donation. A holiday boutique will offer local products, cards, art, ornaments, and more.

  • NYFS To Provide Walk In Support December 14

    Newtown Youth & Family Services is joining together with the Town of Newtown, the school district, the interfaith community and municipal organizations in observance of the second anniversary of 12/14. NYFS will be open on Sunday, December 14, from 10 am to 2 pm, for walk-in support services for individuals and families in the community who have been impacted by the Sandy Hook tragedy.

  • Two-Session Mental Health First Aid Training Planned

    Mental Health First Aid training is for anyone, 18 years and older, who wants to learn how to help a person who is experiencing a mental health challenge. Like CPR teaches the lay person what to do in the case of a cardiac emergency, Mental Health First Aid teaches non-mental health professionals how to help someone who is experiencing a mental health illness or challenge. An eight-hour certification class — divided into two four-hour sessions — will be offered Saturdays, January 10 and 17, from 8:30 am until12:30 pm. Participants must attend both training dates. The class is free, thanks for funding from The Newtown-Sandy Hook Community Foundation.

  • New Events At Resiliency Center

    The Resiliency Center of Newtown will host its next monthly Coffee Hour on Wednesday, December 3, from 10:30 to 11:30 am. It is a time to make community connections in a warm and safe space, and each month offers a special guest who has knowledge in wellness. Two days later, the center will host its next guided meditation session with special guest Carla Barzetti. Both events are free and open to the public.

  • New Mothers Find Specialized Care With Lactation Consultant

    Since May, new mothers whose babies are patients of Dr Richard Auerbach or Dr Marina Arena at Auerbach Pediatrics, 25 Church Hill Road, have had the opportunity to meet with pediatric nurse practitioner and board licensed lactation consultant Gina Reitmeyer. A pediatric nurse practitioner for 18 years, and a lactation consultant since 2003, Ms Reitmeyer offers education and assistance to mothers wishing to breastfeed their babies. She also counsels new mothers who cannot or prefer not to breastfeed, so that both baby and mother can enjoy optimum health. “As a lactation consultant, I don’t judge. People think that a lactation consultant would look down on women who prefer not to nurse, but I try to support the mother in what is best for her and the baby. Meeting with me is about lactation, but it is also about newborn care,” she stressed.