Flagpole Radio Café Welcomed Tom Chapin To Its Stage

Flagpole Radio Café

Welcomed Tom Chapin To Its Stage

To a full house and crowded balcony, Tom Chapin played his folk satire and entertained the Flagpole Radio Café’s audience November 6 at the Edmond Town Hall.

Alone on stage for several songs, he soon welcomed the café’s orchestra back beneath the spotlight to accompany him because “the band was just so good,” he said. Picking up their instruments alongside their guest musician for the monthly show at the Edmond Town Hall were Jim Allyn, Rick Brodsky, Howie Bujese, Dick Neal, and Chris Teskey.

Between the orchestra’s performances were old radio-show style skits by producer Martin Blanco, Barbara Gaines, Kate Katcher, and David Wheeler.

Music Director Jim Allyn and Caeli Allen wrote both music and lyrics for several of the evening’s songs.

Tom Chapin also narrates and won a Grammy awards for Best Spoken Word Album for Children in 2001, 2002, and 2004. His career has taken him to Broadway, off-Broadway, and as a television host. He has contributed to the National Public Radio’s Morning Edition, and works for several charitable organizations ,including WhyHunger, founded in 1975 by his late brother singer and songwriter Harry Chapin.

The Flagpole Radio Café is a Newtown Cultural Arts Commission presentation underwritten by a grant from trial law firm Stratton Faxon.