Andrea’s Bake Shop Seeking Prospective Buyers Before Lease Ends

Andrea’s Bake Shop Seeking Prospective Buyers Before Lease Ends

By Eliza Hallabeck

Surrounded by supporters and friends, Andrea’s Bake Shop owner Tony Posca announced during a Customer Appreciation Day on Sunday, June 3, his shop is still for sale and his lease is up on June 30.

Until that time, Mr Posca said business will continue as usual, but he suspects the final week the shop will be kept busy with special orders.

Despite a passing thunderstorm just before 3 pm, the start time for the Customer Appreciation Day, the event was held. By just after 3 pm the rain had passed and tables, chairs, and food were being set up outside for attendees. Inside Andrea’s Bake Shop, on Queen Street, a growing crowd tasted a range of food, from lunch options to baked goods.

Nearly a month before Andrea’s Bake Shop hosted a Customer Appreciation Day, Mr Posca announced in an interview with The Bee his store was for sale.

Being a business owner and being a baker are two different aspects of life, said Mr Posca during his initial interview with The Bee. The 11 years he has spent as owner have surpassed his initial goal of five to seven years. “It was never a lifetime decision to own a bakery,” he said. “Now is the time to go on to pursue life’s new and available outlooks. I took on the last three years to keep jobs for people that might have been lost if the business closed,” Mr Posca said, but he is tired.

As people mingled on Sunday, questions could be heard among the eventgoers, like, “Where will we meet now?” After filling a plate with some of the food options, one man said, “Nothing better than that. Tony’s the greatest.”

First Selectman Pat Llodra was one of many in the crowd on Sunday. Everything, Mrs Llodra said, offered at the event was delicious. While Mrs Llodra said she is happy for Mr Posca as he starts a new part of his life, she said she is also sad for Newtown. Mrs Llodra also said she still holds out hope that someone will come forward to purchase the “iconic” bake shop.

Also in the crowd were Phillip DiSora and Berry Viselli, who first opened Andrea’s Bake Shop as co-owners in 1982. Mr Viselli said they first opened the bake shop thinking it would be best to work for themselves.

A cake decorated with different color flowers and the words “Thank you for your support” was served, and people were given the option of decorating their own cupcakes.

Sisters Michaela and Arianna Shovak, and their father Peter Shovak, were offered the first chance to decorate cupcakes during the day.

After calling everyone outside the shop, Mr Posca announced that he has some interviews lined up with prospective buyers, but he also urged anyone interested in purchasing the bake shop to come forward.

He thanked everyone in attendance for their support over the years.

“We’re still in business for another month,” he said.

Mr Posca also said if a buyer is found he will want to announce the news right away.

In his previous interview with The Bee, Mr Posca said if no buyer is found, the bakery will be closed.

He is at Andrea’s six days of the week, he said last month, from 4 am until anywhere between 2 to 6 pm, depending on the demands of the day and the time of year. “If I get tired, I don’t get to take two days off to recover. I met the love of my life last year and that’s part of my near future,” he said. “I’m looking to unwind and be at peace with myself and what the Lord brings my way,” Mr Posca said.

“I’m moving on for personal reasons and not for any other reasons,” said Mr Posca, and he will miss the customers who have become a part of his daily life. “There are people who love this place, and that has been a blessing,” he said.