• Now You See Her, Now You Don’t… Now You See Her

    Jeffrey Giraffe has been a familiar sight to anyone passing along Obtuse Road for nearly 15 years. Rain or shine — but not snow — the nearly life-sized paper-maché giraffe has poked his head out of his stall at Pond Brook Farm, bringing smiles to passersby, and happily posing for photo ops.

    In recent weeks, his girlfriend, Genevieve, has joined him. And it is Genevieve’s appearance that is a bit of a mystery, said Tom and Dot Dwyer, owners of Pond Brook Farm.

  • Blink And You Missed It

    A vehicle travels south on Glen Road, just south of the intersection with Buttonball Drive, on October 18, during one of a handful of snow squalls that passed through the area Sunday afternoon. The snow — the first of the season — appeared a few times during the 2 o’clock hour, but melted as soon as it hit the ground. While Massachusetts also saw similar squalls, residents of central New York didn’t enjoy the weekend snow as much. The Associated Press reported that central parts of that state received up to 9 inches of snow over the weekend.

  • History Lessons At The Senior Center

    Members of the Newtown Senior Center were treated to a talk on the epic World War II “Battle of the Bulge,” presented by Arthur Gottlieb, Thursday, October 8.

  • Lisa Unleashed: Frost On The Pumpkin Pace — A Historic Ride With A New Twist

    Next weekend, more than 100 horses will grace the Newtown countryside for the 37th annual Newtown Bridle Lands Association (NBLA) Frost on the Pumpkin Hunter Pace on Saturday, October 25.

  • Passport Day Showcased Sandy Hook

    Spending the afternoon in Sandy Hook Center during Sandy Hook Organization for Prosperity’s (SHOP) Passport Day, an annual event promoting local businesses, were friends Evan Renak, Kate Mihalchik, Ella Grace Renak, and Emma Mihalchik. The children  took a few minutes to pet Brinkley, a Newtown-Strong therapy dog. With so many little fingers grooming his fur, Brinkley enjoyed the attention.

  • Great Pumpkin Challenge: The Biggest Year Yet?

    This year will mark the fifth and possibly the last year for the Great Pumpkin Challenge, but Mackenzie Page, who began the annual luminaria celebration on Main Street, received news last week of the largest donation to date.

  • Mozart, Merlot & Mums Continuing To Raise Money For Kevin's Community Center

    Following the Mozart, Merlot and Mums fundraising event on Saturday, October 10, at Edmond Town Hall for Kevin’s Community Center, founder and Medical Director Z. Michael Taweh said, “It was really exceptional.”

    The event is KCC’s annual major fundraising event, and Dr Taweh said about 175 people attended this year, up from roughly 60 attendees last year.

    Goldman Sachs offered to match each donation for the event “dollar for dollar,” according to Dr Taweh.

  • The Golden Glow Of Autumn

    Yellow leaves splashed with red and a lingering green burst in a golden glow in Sandy Hook Center. Foliage this month will paint Newtown’s landscape with a fleeting beauty as seasons change, leaves fall, and the days grow cooler and continue to feel shorter. This glorious tree on the lawn of Newtown United Methodist Church in Sandy Hook welcomes travelers driving along Church Hill Road toward near its intersection with Dayton Street.   

  • Tooth Fairy To Buy Back Candy, November 3

    The Tooth Fairy stands in front of Dental Associates of Newtown, 11 Church Hill Road. She will return a few days after Halloween in order to purchase Halloween candy that parents or children was to trade in for cash. 

  • Saturday Performance At Sound Center To Feature Jami Sieber

    Electric cellist and vocalist Jami Sieber is set to perform an intimate solo concert at Sound, a center for music, creative arts, and mindfulness, located at 31 Hawleyville Road, this Satuday, October 17.

    Ms Sieber is currently on tour, and while in the area she visited with Reed Intermediate School students on Wednesday, October 14.