Date: Fri 14-Aug-1998

Date: Fri 14-Aug-1998

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Joan Crick: Sports Hall of Fame 1998


The last nine months have been very good for Joan Crick.

Back on November 15, 1997, Joan became the first woman president in the

82-year history of the Newtown Country Club -- and the first woman president

ever in Connecticut, it is believed -- and, in July, followed that

accomplishment and her first eight months of presidency with her second club

championship in 13 years of membership.

Now, in August, she has been inducted into the Newtown Sports Hall of Fame.

Oh, this induction has to do with a lot more than the events of 1998. It goes

all the way back to the 1940s, when Mrs Crick -- then Joan Glover -- was a

star basketball player at Newtown High School under coach Ann Anderson.

Joan played basketball for four years and amassed 406 points from 1946 to

1950, a total which still has her sitting at 20th on the all-time school

scoring list. It is no surprise, too, that the Indians, as they were known

then, were virtually unbeatable on the court.

After her high school career, Joan helped organize the girls' recreational

basketball league, serving as a director and coach from 1970 to 1981, and also

as a director and coach of the girls' recreational softball league from 1975

to 1980.


Joan, who has been a member of the club since 1985, succeeded Bill Hibbard as

president and presides over a nine-member Board of Governors that includes

five new members -- two of them women.

"I feel very honored," said Mrs Crick before she was to lead her first

meeting. "The Newtown Country Club is a very special place and to do that,

support our women unanimously, is wonderful."

Joan, who is a past-president of the Ladies Association and past treasurer of

the Board of Governors, leads the BOG with vice-president Paul Payne (who

served a number of years ago), treasurer Sandy Stockwell, secretary Ed Filardi

(returning), and directors Jack Paulin, Frank Conover (returning), Harold

Dunleavy (returning), Shirley Pednik, and Buddy Clarkson (a past president).

Mrs Crick had served as treasurer for 10 years, since 1987, and spoke up of

her desire to serve once the nominating committee began searching for new


Her term, which will run at least for one year, will see some important issues

on the table -- namely, the new sewer hook-ups and assessments and the second

phase of the automatic watering system.

NCC boasts about 215 memberships (which includes about 250 members) from

juniors and singles memberships to weekday and family memberships. Golfers

come from all over the area -- like Norwalk, Fairfield and Roxbury, just to

name a few places.

"I consider the club a part of my heritage," said Mrs Crick. "It's a part of

the history of Newtown."

Labor Day

It doesn't have much to do with sports, but it does have a lot to do with Joan

Crick's place in the town of Newtown.

Because of the way their lives have become so interwoven into the fabric of

this town, in 1996, Joan and her husband, Jim, were selected to be the Labor

Day Parade marshals and the couple presided over an event that had been

threatened with hurricane-like weather, but nevertheless enjoyed sunny skies.

Joan, who began serving as borough warden in 1988, is a 10th generation

Glover, a direct descendant of John Glover, who was one of the founders of


Glover Avenue was named for Joan's grandfather, who owned the large house at

the corner of Glover and Queen Street. Joan was nine when her grandfather died

and her family moved into the house.