Staff Email Addresses


Editor Curtiss Clark: editor@thebee.com

Associate Editor Shannon Hicks (for Religion, Arts & Entertainment, and general announcements): shannon@thebee.com

Associate Editor John Voket (for Politics, Business and Health announcements): john@thebee.com

Sports Editor Andy Hutchison (for Sports, also Horse & Dog page): andyh@thebee.com

Features Writer Nancy Crevier (for feature story proposals): nancy@thebee.com

Reporter Andrew Gorosko (for Police News, Crime Reporting, Planning & Zoning): andy@thebee.com 

Schools Reporter Eliza Hallabeck (for Education and related issues and announcements): eliza@thebee.com

Reporter Kendra Bobowick: kendra@thebee.com

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Newtown Bee editors and reporters can also be reached by calling the main office line, 203-426-3141


Business Manager Sherri Baggett: sherri@thebee.com

Sales Manager Ellen Therrien: ellen@thebee.com

Sales Representative Robert Kensek: bob@thebee.com

Sales Representative Deb Spaziante: debs@thebee.com

Sales Representative Fred Taylor: fred@thebee.com

Members of The Bee's Sales Department can also be reached by calling 203-426-3141.