NMS To Present ‘The Wizard Of Oz’ This Weekend

The Newtown Middle School production of The Wizard of Oz is set to take the stage March 15 through 17.

Students have been busy after school preparing for the production. By Tuesday, March 5, the students were standing on a “yellow brick road” painted on the middle school stage as they rehearsed. And by Tuesday, March 12, the Wicked Witch of the West had her cackle perfected, Glinda the Good Witch had her sparkling pink dress set, and the ruby slippers were shined as Dorothy stepped on stage in them.

Tickets for the performances are $10 for adults and $8 for children. Tickets can be purchased at Newtown Middle School.

The March 15 and March 16 performances are set for 7 pm, and the March 17 performance will take the stage at 2 pm.

Cast members of the production are Talia Hankin as Dorothy, Brooks Petershack as the Professor and The Wizard, Kyra Alvarez as Glinda, Melissa Shohet as the Wicked Witch of the West, Ethan Cox as Tin Man, Ian Fuchs as Scarecrow, Julia Bogdanoff as the Cowardly Lion, Joey Conrod as Uncle Henry, Riley Smith as Auntie Em, and Tess Mubarek as the Guard,

Dance Ensemble members are Ajene Arokium, Savannah Davidow, Phoebe Doscher, Rachel Goldman, Amelia Henriques, Sarah Hornby, Allison Indelicato, Megan Latte, Kamdynn Moronoey, Rachel O’Grady, Emma Sheridan, Riley Smith, and Jerusha Wright.

Choral Ensemble are Jaden Albrecht, Ajene Arokium, Elizabeth Chamiec, Abigail Clarke, Madilyn Cole, Joey Conrod, Savannah Davidow, Haley Dickonsin, Teresa Forlenzo, Kelly Garcia, Rebecca Gavel, Calista Giroux, Rachel Goldman, Amelia Henriques, McKenzie Iazzetta, Alison Indelicato, Keira Jeffreys, Emily Maher, Sydney Marino, Katherine Mickewich, Kamdynn Moroney, Bridget Morrisey, Tess Mubarek, Matthew Murphy, Melissa Nowak, Jolene Risko, Abby Pereira, Jack Premus, Isabel Shaw, Melissa Shohet, Julia Shuman, Emma Sheridan, Sarah Simonson, and Nicolas Stowell.

Crew members for the production are Katie Elkins, Monique Dubois, Harrison Hoffert, Alex Ferris, Izzy Pryor, Gillian Chanko, Dani Gaiser, Lucy Scarangella, Shane Powers, Amanda Bradbury, Kayla McClay, Simran Chand, Sarah MacMullan, Camden Fowler, Daniel Rielly, Daisy MacDonald, Kelsey Danaszar, Tallie Nikitchyuk, Emalee Renjilian, Lexi Raiano, Madison Fusaro, Kayla Ward, Caroline Caporale, and Teddy Wojiek.

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