• Ambulance Garage Still A Few Months Away From Completion

    With its brick façade going up, the six-bay garage slab in, and interior drywall giving the structure shape, Newtown Volunteer Ambulance Association’s new headquarters is moving forward and starting to look like a new building. It is still several months away from completion, however. Newtown Volunteer Ambulance Corps member Stuart Rieve said that mid-August will “hopefully” see the project, which broke ground last July, primarily finished. He walked the site May 6, noting portions of new sidewalk, the foundation for the main driveway entrance off Wasserman Way, a roof that is mostly shingled, and an area of recessed ground where an outdoor patio will be. Mr Rieve met up with Jim Cookson with Nosal Builders Inc, and the two looked at the emerging building as it joins the landscape of roughly 80-year-old former state hospital buildings occupying the Fairfield Hills campus.

  • Sandy Ground Playgrounds Vandalized In Hartford, Mystic

    The mother of one of the girls killed in the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting says she does not consider the graffiti found on a Sandy Ground playground built in Hartford in March for her daughter to be vandalism. The message found spray painted May 4 at the Ana Marquez Greene Memorial playground read “Peace to Sandy Hook,” using a peace sign and the numeral 2. The spray-paint message found Sunday and later removed also included a graffiti tag. Nelba Marquez Greene said someone just wanted to send a message of peace and equated it to the stuffed animals that victims’ families received after the December 2012 shooting. Ms Marquez Greene says she now plans to raise money to put up a graffiti board at the playground, so that if other kids want to leave condolence messages, there is a place for them. Unfortunately, this was not the first time one of the Sandy Ground playgrounds has been disturbed or vandalized.

  • Rosenthal Tiring Of State’s Delays In Education Funding Lawsuit

    Back in 2004, when Dianne deVries established the nonprofit Connecticut Coalition for Justice in Educational Funding (CCJEF), two Fairfield County community leaders were among the first to throw support behind the cause — then-Stamford mayor Dannel Malloy, and former Newtown First Selectman Herb Rosenthal. Today, Governor Dannel Malloy has reverted to an oppositional position, while Mr Rosenthal has remained active with the coalition as president and Newtown’s representative of the CCJEF Steering Committee. the coalition has a simple, three-point agenda: revamp the Education Cost Sharing (ECS) formula and related grants to reflect the real cost of adequately preparing all students for college or advanced training, the modern workforce, and productive citizenship; ensure that adequate and equitable school funding is distributed fairly for all students and their municipalities; and shift the lion’s share of funding for school operations away from local property taxes and onto the state.

  • Council Approves Upgraded Senior Tax Relief Program Following Hearing

    After many, many hours of work by Legislative Council Ordinance Chair Ryan Knapp and his colleagues, several information forums on the proposal, and a sparsely attended public hearing, the full council unanimously approved an upgraded senior tax relief program May 7. One aspect of the new ordinance will take effect immediately, activating a component providing up to $800 in tax relief to several dozen qualifying applicants in a newly established income tier this year. The balance of the ordinance’s new tenants will go into effect beginning with the 2015 round of tax relief applications. During full council deliberation on the matter, Vice Chair Neil Chaudhary motioned the ordinance to include several nonsubstantive changes that moved the extended 2014 application deadline of June 15 to June 1, to accommodate the tax collector’s office. The proposal was also amended to incorporate language including medical expense deductions beginning with the 2015 application period. Councilman Robert Merola reminded his colleagues that Newtown’s senior tax program already is among the most generous in the state. First Selectman Pat Llodra asserted that only Redding’s tax relief program exceeds the generosity of Newtown’s at the current $1.65 million level.

  • Police Reports | April 29-May 5, 2014

  • Fire Reports | May 1-8, 2014

  • Police Investigating Rash Of Copper Thefts

    Police are investigating a recent series of copper thefts from various locations in town in seeking to learn who has stolen the copper piping and wiring for its scrap value. Police Captain Joe Rios told Police Commission members on May 6 that detectives have been investigating and have identified some suspects in the thefts. Town police have been working with police from other law enforcement agencies in probing the thefts. Police hope to make arrests through warrants, according to Capt Rios. Thefts have been discovered at Cochran House in Fairfield Hills, as well as at least four other vacant properties in town.

  • BOE Discusses Nurses’ Contract And Nonlapsing Account, Hears From Doubters

    The Board of Education discussed an upcoming contract negotiation with district nurses and its proposed non-lapsing fund account during its meeting on Tuesday, May 6.The school board also heard from a number of people during the meetings public participation segment, all regarding the December 2012 shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School.Board Chair Debbie Leidlein informed her board negotiations for the nurses’ contract with the district are soon to be underway.Ms Leidlein said the union representatives for the nurses’ will contact the school board’s attorney, Floyd Dugas, when ready to begin negotiations. BOE member Michelle Ku and Ms Leidlein are set to represent the school board during the negotiations, and Ms Leidlein said she will update the school board with news about the negotiations once they begin. After BOE Secretary Kathy Hamilton asked if the school board could meet to discuss what its goals are for the negotiations before they begin, Ms Leidlein said, that would be appropriate.

  • Recovery Project Schedules Next Parent Forums

    The Newtown Public Schools Recovery Project has slated its next parent forums, to be held at Newtown High School, Middle Gate Elementary School, and Head O’ Meadow Elementary School. Each forum will be presented twice, once during the school day and again in the evening, to allow for maximum participation. Each program will run for one hour. The programs for May 13-14 will offer parents new ideas for communicating the teenagers, tips for giving children a positive and happy outlook, and ways to help children manage transitions.

  • Park And Bark Unleashed: Town’s New Off-Leash Dog Park Now Open

    With a gentle command and a little bit of peanut butter, Newtown’s off-leash dog park was officially opened on May 3. Cleo, Assistant Director of Recreation Rose Ann Reggiano’s dog, had the honor of “cutting” the ribbon to Park and Bark, Parks & Recreation’s newest park, after an opening ceremony was held late Saturday morning. Ms Reggiano admitted some peanut butter had been placed on the ribbon to help Cleo know where to chew. Once the ribbon fell, Ms Reggiano announced, “The park is open!” Guest speakers at the ceremony Saturday morning also included Parks & Recreation Director Amy Mangold, Selectman James Gaston Sr. Residents and their dogs can now visit the two-acre park located on Old Farm Road, adjacent to The Brian J. Silverlieb Animal Care and Control Center. The park is open daily, dawn to dusk.