• Local GOP Launches 2015 ‘White Paper’ Series

    After turning out in force during Newtown’s Labor Day Parade and planting candidate lawn signs around the community, local Republicans are resurrecting what party leaders have described as a “white paper” campaign to connect with voters over key issues or concerns as they prepare to cast local ballots on November 3.

  • Partnership Possibilities Discussed At Community Forum

    Superintendent of Schools Joseph V. Erardi, Jr, welcomed roughly 40 people to Newtown High School’s Lecture Hall on September 16 by explaining that more events like the night’s community forum will be scheduled monthly to discuss different topics.

    Wednesday’s discussion focused on “Parent Partnership: Influence, Inspire, and Ignite Teaching and Learning.”

  • Breakfast Fundraiser Benefits National Vigil, Inspires Supporters

    Dr Daniel Webster, keynote speaker at The Newtown Foundation Breakfast Fundraiser to benefit the National Vigil in Washington, DC, told the audience that research proves that comprehensive background checks for gun purchases does reduce gun violence and suicides by gun. Dr Webster is director of the Hopkins Center for Gun Policy and Research Center.

  • An Aurora Father’s Story: The Bonds Of Tragedy Connect Communities Of Survivors

    The father of one of the people killed in July 2012 in the Aurora, Colo., movie theater shootings, Tom Sullivan was invited by The Newtown Foundation to speak to guests at their fundraising event last Saturday morning. The invite was sent because of a friendship that blossomed between the Colorado resident and a number of Newtown residents after they met in Washington, D.C., where they had gone to speak with members of Congress.

  • New Sergeant Takes Oath At Police Department

    Tuesday, September 8, marked a milestone in the law enforcement career of Scott Smith at the Newtown Police Department, as he took his oath of office for sergeant from Town Clerk Debbie Aurelia Halstead.

    As Sergeant Smith, 32, recited his oath, his wife Sara looked on, while holding their twin daughters Natalie and Nora, who are 1½ years old.

    Many friends and family members, as well as colleagues and town officials, attended the event held in the main classroom at the police station.

  • Police Reports, August 31-September 15, 2015

    911 Hoax

    Police report a September 8 incident involving an Emergency 911 telephone call, which later proved to be a hoax.

    Police said they responded to Hilario’s Service Center at 131 Mt Pleasant Road (Route 6) in Hawleyville about 5:45 pm, after receiving a report via a 911 call that a burglary had occurred.

    Police said their investigation found that the 911 call, which was allegedly made by Alexa Larsen, 47, of 123 Lakeview Terrace, was a hoax.

  • Selectmen Hiring Pension Consultant, Endorse Funds For Band Van

    During a special meeting September 10, the Board of Selectmen met and heard from two representatives of a Windsor company that was later unanimously hired to oversee the town’s pension fund. That evening, selectmen also revisited and approved a motion to help purchase a used van for a parent’s organization supporting the Newtown High School’s Marching Band and Color Guard using undesignated post-12/14 donations.

  • First Selectman Produces Paper Trail Regarding Rejected FHA Appointee

    After hearing concerns about a Democratic Town Committee nomination for the Fairfield Hills Authority that was rejected after a missed deadline, First Selectman Pat Llodra produced extensive documentation on the matter that reveals four Republican candidates seeking the seat were also rejected for that same post for the same reason.

  • Drivers Needed For FISH Of Newtown

    FISH of Newtown drivers met at a post Labor Day potluck picnic and enjoyed the various foods, drinks and the camaraderie of the dedicated volunteers.

    They exchanged stories of their experiences and commented on the ever expanding requirements and increasing need for more volunteer drivers.

  • Legal Wrangling Slows Lawsuit Over Newtown School Shooting

    DANBURY (AP) — Newtown and its schools are putting up a stiff fight against a wrongful-death lawsuit filed by the parents of two children killed in the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, questioning whether the lawsuit was filed on time and objecting to information requests by the parents' attorney.

    The legal wrangling has slowed the case in Danbury Superior Court.