• Field Notes: The Autumnal Equinox

    We live upon a spinning top perched upon the twirling lariat of a great cowboy riding in circles. Yet none of us feels particularly dizzy. But how our heads do spin!

    In case you didn’t notice, the sun slipped into the Southern Hemisphere on Wednesday to deliver the blessings of spring and then summer to all things living below the equatorial belt. Those of us left in the bending light of its wake must now bank wood in our sheds, stock soup in our freezers, and books in our Kindles and shelves for the coming months of darkening and decrease.

  • Concert Review: Gailfean Newtown Debut ‘A Fantastic Show’

    NOTE (Wednesday, September 30, 2015): This article has been updated to reflect the correct spelling of Noel Reid’s surname.

    * * * * *


  • Festival Weekend Continued A Month-Long Celebration Of Arts

    The fourth annual Newtown Arts Festival continued its month-long celebration of events and performances last weekend with the Rooster Ball Dinner & Dance on Friday, September 18, and its original event — a two-day outdoors festival — on Saturday and Sunday, September 19 and 20. Both were presented on the Fairfield Hills Campus.

    The Newtown Arts Festival is sponsored by the Newtown Cultural Arts Commission.

  • SNAN Donates To Library Children’s Department

    The Spay and Neuter Association of Newtown (SNAN) recently donated 15 books about animals to C.H. Booth Library’s Children’s Department in memory of Penelope Meek, who was president, treasurer, Ways and Means chair, and a member of SNAN for many years.

    Ms Meeks also coordinated the Cat Clinics in Newtown for many years and was devoted to assisting pet owners to receive help in spaying and neutering their animals, according to SNAN.

    The books donated to the library featured stories about both cats and dogs.

  • Snapshot: Joe Hemingway

    Occupation: I am a construction project manager.

    Family: I have been married to Maribeth for 33 years. We have two daughters. Sarah is 28 and Maggie is 26.

    Pets: Until very recently, we had two golden retrievers. Sadie passed away at 14, two months ago, and Lucy passed away at age 12, in early August.

    How long have you lived in town? We have lived here for 26 years.

  • The Top of the Mountain

    The Farmers’ Market at Fairfield Hills continues every Tuesday, from 2 to 6 pm, through October 23 — rain or shine. Jim Shortt of Shortt’s Farm and Garden reminded me that this is prime time at markets. Late summer and fall produce is abundant now — squashes of all kinds, late summer tomatoes and lettuce, spinach, kale, and root vegetables are at the peak of harvest. You’ll find some savory and fiery hot sauces, fresh mozzarella, pesto, and breads, natural meats, and more at this local market, in addition to the bounty of produce.

  • The Way We Were

    September 21, 1990

  • NFA Hosts A Successful Sunset Wine Tasting

    As daylight faded on Saturday, guests of the Newtown Forest Association Sunset Wine Tasting crowded beneath tents filled with soft light. In brighter areas, servers prepared trays of food for the 300 guests attending the second annual fundraiser.

  • Theater Review: Ridgefield’s Latest Displays Everything That Is Good About Community Theater

    RIDGEFIELD — The opening night of Tim Firth’s Calendar Girls at The Ridgefield Theater Barn was met with laughter, tears, and a rousing standing ovation. I would advise you to drop everything and order your tickets, pronto.

    The best of everything about community theater is in this show.  The worst thing about community theater is that the runs are short. Do not miss this.

  • Traveling Quilts Will Offer Twice The Comfort

    Detail of one of the squares created by a child during the Breakfast With Santa event at Newtown Middle School in December. Children were invited by Newtown resident Jan Brookes to decorate a fabric square, which was then to be used to create a comfort quilt on behalf of Newtown to replace one that went missing from the town’s collection in spring 2013.