• Signs, Signals, And Codes: Newtown Resident On Development Team For Newest Boy Scout Merit Badge

    Emoticons, Braille, and Morse code are among the various forms of language featured in the Boy Scouts of America’s newest merit badge, Signs, Signals, and Codes. Introduced in February by Boy Scouts of America (BSA), the badge is the 135th addition to the merit badge program.

  • New Location For Boy Scout Coffee Stop

    Newtown Boy Scouts have been serving coffee and donuts to holiday travelers for about three decades. While coffee stops used to be set up for most major holidays, the program has dwindled down to Boy Scout Troop 370, who continue to offer free coffee and baked goods to travelers over Memorial Day weekend.

  • Nourishments: Pea Shoots Are Nature’s Way Of Rewarding The Impatient

    The seeds I try to get into the ground earliest in the spring, are my peas. Even when the ground is too cold for other crops, a little digging around loosens the soil enough so that peas can be dropped into the holes, with visions of pea plants and the coming harvest dancing in my head.

  • Snapshot: Alexandra Buchanan

    Occupation: I’m studying for my Series Six test, to be a financial planner. I work at New York Life in Stratford. Primarily, I work with people to help take stress out of their lives. I help them organize their assets and accomplish their goals. One thing I feel strongly about is financial literacy. If you educate people, they’ll feel more comfortable around financial decisions. I especially like working with women. I think it’s an underserved population.

  • The Top of the Mountain

    It looks like the Newtown Reads selection at C.H. Booth Library is a popular pick. Residents had snatched up all of the free copies of The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society by late last week. Not to worry. Our librarians were on top of it, and additional copies were ordered and ready for readers by midweek. Newtown Reads is a program encouraging all residents to read the same book, at the same time, by July 1.

  • The Way We Were

    May 18, 1990

  • Honorary Relay For Life Caregiver, Survivor Grateful For Family, Community Support

    The 2015 Newtown Relay For Life is uniting two very special residents. Since her diagnosis with thyroid cancer at age 21, Honorary Survivor Lauren Pade has recovered and achieved a career in nursing, while Honorary Caregiver Jack Nahmias, who along with children Megan and Jonathan, will be honoring the memory of wife and mother Deb Nahmias, who lost her battle with cancer in 2012. 

  • Theater Review: Restaging Of ‘Souvenir’ Is Perfection In New Milford

    NEW MILFORD — TheatreWorks New Milford’s production of Souvenir is awesome. A night at the theatre I will not soon forget. Written by Stephen Temperley, this comedy with music is immensely entertaining while covering all of the emotional bases.

    This production was originally performed at Westport Community Theatre. Under a new director, Sonnie Osborne, the play is being restaged at TheatreWorks. This was an excellent move.

  • Celebrating Mothers At The Newtown Senior Center

    Karin Aurelia serves a tray of tea cookies to Rose Cipolla and Luellen Dwyer’s table, along with a big smile.

  • The Way We Were

    May 11, 1990