• The Way We Were

    The Way We Were


    August 31, 1990

  • The Top of the Mountain

    There is a big hungry cat right around here that is not afraid of an afternoon raid on small animals in bright daylight, I’m told by Ann Ziluck. Ann lives in the Aunt Park Lane area of town, near the bridle trails, and a large bobcat had a smackdown with a squirrel, right off of her deck, this past Saturday evening.

  • Snapshot: Kevin Stoyak

    Occupation: I’m a veterinarian technician and office manager at Easton Veterinary.

    Family: My wife is Linnea, and we have a daughter, Stephanie, who is 14 years old.

    Pets: I have two cats, Mr Jynx and Lily. Mr Jynx is a black, longhaired cat, and Lily is a gray short hair. And we have four fish.

    How long have you lived here? I’ve lived in Sandy Hook since April of 1997.

  • Botsford’s ‘Great’ Summer Bash

    From left, Patrick Keough, Cole Salce, and Mike and Tommy Paloian stood together at the Summer Bash.

  • Celebrating 100 Years Of Golf At Newtown Country Club

    Generations of golfers have teed off, 30-plus presidents have served, there have been countless memories — including holes in one and tournament championships — and significant enhancements have been made to the course.

    Newtown Country Club (NCC) is celebrating a century’s worth of achievements and changes this summer in its 100th anniversary year.

  • ‘Kindness’ Visitor Arrives For Ben’s Bells Opening In Bethel

    Ben’s Bells Connecticut, formerly Ben’s Bells Newtown, Assistant Studio Manager Sam Siess and volunteer Camryn Walsh sat inside the nonprofit’s new location on Saturday, August 22.

    It was the first day the new location was open to visitors. As people made their way to the new space, Ms Siess answered phone calls and directed people to the accommodations, at 32 Stony Hill Road, Bethel, at the back of the shopping plaza.

    Tables were set with paint brushes, and everything appeared in order to begin work.

  • ‘Where We Walk’ — Book Of Poetry Is A Journey Inside A Writer’s Heart

    Between the covers of Sydney Eddison’s recently published book of poetry, Where We Walk: Poems rooted in the soil of New England, readers will find words steeped in the familiar.

  • 30th Holiday Festival Will Continue Important Fundraising Efforts For NYFS

    Organizers of the 30th Newtown Holiday Festival are hoping that guests of the December 6 event will not only have a great time at events for all ages, but will remember the reason the festival was created: as a major fundraiser for Newtown Youth & Family Services. House Tour Subcommittee Co-Chairs Kathy McLeary (seated left) and Brid Craddock (seated right) have been working on their event-within-an-event since February.

  • Lisa Unleashed: Read On! — Connecticut Horse Magazine Is Launched

    There’s a new horse magazine in the barn! Connecticut Horse launched this summer with its first bimonthly issue. A sister publication to the 15-year-old Massachusetts Horse, the brainchild of Publisher Stephanie Sanders, will publish its second issue at the end of August. Up until last year, Editor Karena Garrity was freelancing horse articles when she had an idea.

  • The Way We Were

    August 24, 1990