• Bee Tries To Have It Both Ways

    To the Editor:

    In last week’s editorial endorsement, we were told that Governor Malloy had stabilized the previous budget.  This week, after the election is over, The Bee editorial tells us that the state is faced with a $1.37B and $1.58B deficit over the next budget cycle according to the Office of Fiscal Analysis. I guess that the editorial writers must be two different people because they completely contradict each other regarding the governor’s stewardship of state finances. 

  • The Worst Form Of Government

    Election day is welcomed and celebrated in this country as the culmination of the democratic process — a system that is supposed to make our representative government accountable and self-correcting. It ensures a government of, by, and for the people.

  • Election 2014: Republicans Bolinsky, Sredzinski, Carter, Hwang All Victors In Legislative Races

    Like many races across the state and nation, Republicans vying to represent Newtown in Hartford claimed victories in the mid-term elections November 4.

    With 4,660 votes, incumbent 106th District lawmaker Mitch Bolinsky overcame an enthusiastic challenge by Democrat Matt Cole, who received the backing of 3,753 Newtown voters.

  • A Newtowner Serving Newtown

    To the Editor:

    A quick word of thanks to you, the voters of Newtown for reelecting me to continue serving our community in the Connecticut House of Representatives. I appreciate the trust you've placed in me to do the right things for the town I love and our family proudly calls home.

  • Visconti Voters Can Withdraw Absentee Ballots

    The Connecticut Secretary of the State has announced that absentee voters who cast ballots that included gubernatorial candidate Joe Visconti can withdraw those ballots by 10 am tomorrow, and re-cast new ballots in person at their appropriate voting location.

  • Local Voters Will See One Ballot Question On Tuesday

    Local voters casting absentee ballots, or appearing at the local polling sites to vote on Election Day, will be asked to vote on a proposed constitutional amendment that would have future implications for electors, according to Secretary of the State Denise Merrill.

  • Our Election Choices

    Newtown approaches Election Day this year with a perspective on federal and state government it did not have two years ago. Hartford and Washington, DC, do not seem quite so removed from our community life this time around; our elected representatives both in Congress and the legislature have had many opportunities to come through for Newtown, and for the most part they have done so, often expending significant political capital to secure grants and to enact legislation that directly benefited this community as it worked to recover from the tragic events of 12/14.

  • Letter of Endorsement

    To the Editor:

     Newtown!  I want to draw your attention away from all the election noise and focus on a rare event happening here on November 4th, that unique event is the opportunity to elect Matt Cole as our representative in the 106th District.

  • Letter of Endorsement

    To the Editor:

     My husband and I moved to Sandy Hook 25 years ago with our 2-year old daughter and another baby on the way.  This community has been an incredible place to raise a family and live for the past 25 years – a place that has embraced education, small businesses, and a genuine love and care for neighbors and friends.  Sandy Hook holds memories of building new playgrounds, Jolly Green Giant Fairs, and Christmas Tree Lightings.

  • Letter of Endorsement

    To the Editor:

    I've worked alongside Kim Fawcett during her campaign in Newtown and endorse her for State Senate.

    Kim cares. She listens.

    Kim is highly knowledgeable about the intricacies of state government, with transportation a special area of focus. When she talks with constituents, she dispels misinformation that is out there – and there is a lot.