Real Estate

  • Newtown Housing Market Following Normal Ups And Downs

    Newtown and Sandy Hook remain popular towns with house hunters, despite economic downturns, the tragedy of 12/14, and taxes that make selling a tour de force for local realtors.

  • 'McMansions,’ Over-55 Condos, Waterfront Homes Commanding Biggest Tax Increases

    With the latest round of property tax bills arriving at Newtown homes in recent days, some local property owners saw fireworks a little earlier than Independence Day. According to local officials, many taxpayers may be facing significant increases in their property taxes now that a new fiscal cycle has begun with its newly set 33.32 mill rate, up from 24.54.

    A mill represents one dollar in taxation for every $1,000 in assessed property value.

  • Staging Can Make A Memorable Impression When Selling A Home

    While Patti Stern, a decorator and accredited home stager with PJ & Company Home Styling, LLC, says correctly pricing a home for sale is key, she adds that paying attention to aesthetics is also highly important.

    “You wouldn’t sell your car without detailing it… That’s one of the benefits of staging,” said Ms Stern. “Staging is really an investment in getting your home sold.”

  • Real Estate Agents, Contractors Talk About Best ROI Home Repairs

    Clean kitchens, fresh paint, and tidy rooms and lawns are part of what can improve home sales and provide significant return on investment (ROI) opportunities, according to a group of local realtors and contractors surveyed on the subject by Home & Garden.

    Lou and Pat Perez of the Perez Team work for Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage.

    “Pat and I agree that the primary thing to do would be the kitchen — upgrade for the style of the home and community it’s in.”