Board of Education

  • School Board Completes A Term; New Board To Convening December 1

    During her last regular meeting on November 4 with the Board of Education, Vice Chair Laura Roche was highlighted by a number of members for her efforts during her tenure.

    With the new Board of Education members set to start their terms in December, Superintendent of Schools Joseph V. Erardi, Jr, also took a moment during the board’s meeting on Tuesday, November 17, to thank member David Freedman for his time with the board.

  • Current Council's Final Actions Accept Charter Revision, Delay Capital Plan

    The current Legislative Council accepted a sweeping Charter revision during a final meeting November 18, but pushed a decision on the five-year capital spending plan off to a newly elected panel that will be sworn into office December 1.

  • School Board Puts ‘Hold’ On Disclosed Information Discussion

    After deciding to refer two pieces of disclosed board communications to the local Board of Ethics for review and filing an appeal with the Freedom of Information Commission, the Board of Education voted at its November 17 meeting to delay its conversations on the topic until further information is gathered.

    Board members have discussed at multiple meetings an e-mail and a screenshot of a text message recently shared on social media.

  • Sandy Hook School Foundation Awards District $500,000 Grant

    Superintendent of Schools Joseph V. Erardi, Jr, announced at the Board of Education meeting on Tuesday, November 17, that the Sandy Hook School Foundation has awarded a $500,000 grant to the school district.

    The Sandy Hook School Foundation is a nonprofit organization run by the Sandy Hook Elementary School PTA. Its mission is to “support programs, resources, and enrichment that can make a positive difference in our school community,” according to its website, sandyhookschoolfoundation.org.

  • Making Strides For The Children Of Newtown

    To the Editor:

    It is with great reward that I accept your overwhelming support in my reelection to the Board of Education. This next  four-year  opportunity will allow me to continue to make notable strides for the children in my town. I have renewed strength that the challenges we face will be collaborative in nature and that all parents will continue to be  reassured that under Dr Erardi's stewardship their children are guaranteed an award-winning education.

    Thank you. All three thousand of you.

  • Guy Bacon Honored By School Board

    Superintendent of Schools Joseph V. Erardi, Jr, introduced Newtown Middle School student Guy Bacon to the Board of Education during its meeting on Wednesday, November 4, for what he said would be a "very special celebration."

    Guy's parents, Joel and JoAnn Bacon, were also in attendance for the event, along with other supports and family members.

  • Getting FOI Right

    There is a certain irony to the controversy that blew up on social media in the final days of this year’s local election campaign over the leak of confidential digital communications of the Board of Education. A school board member eventually identified himself as the source of the leak in the face of a pending investigation of the breach by the school board.

  • Investigations Are Long Overdue

    To the Editor:

    At the time of this writing, an investigation unanimously supported by the Board of Education may be on hold, pending further discussion.  The investigation was triggered when a confidential BOE email and a text were leaked and then posted on Facebook.

    I encourage the BOE to proceed with its investigation.  For too long, elected officials in Newtown have either been complicit or have looked the other way as a handful of Republican Town Committee die-hards consistently violated the public trust and worse.

  • Tip Of A Dangerous Iceberg

    To the Editor:

    For any of us who have served as elected officials, there have been times when we have borne witness to things that might call to question whether there is a public need to know that outweighs procedural protocols and safeguards. In the years of my service as an elected official, I sometimes found myself conflicted and sought guidance from Hartford and others with expertise in the applications of policy and procedure.

  • Raising Children With Core Values

    To the Editor:

    One chance… that is how many times our children will have to go through our school system.  First grade, seventh grade, tenth grade – each and every grade level is impactful to a child’s intellectual and emotional development.  As parents, educators, community members we have one chance to give our children the best education possible at every grade level. If elected to the Board of Education I will make it our challenge to get it right the first and only chance we have.