• Target Shooting Needs To Be About Safety

    To the Editor:

    Thank you for your investigation Mr. Barzetti.  [“An Improbably Shot On Split Rock Road,” Letter Hive, 5/15/13] I want to re-state what happened on that day in January. A person, who was working on the roof of our neighbors’ home, was hit with a stray bullet from a nearby shooting range.  Luckily, he was not injured.

  • No More Regulation For Target Shooting Ranges

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  • Watering Down The Shooting Range Ordinance

    To the Editor:

    At its meeting last week, the [Legislative Council’s] Ordinance Committee reached four decisions about its draft in progress of a new ordinance to regulate residential target shooting. The committee decided:

    1) To exclude from further consideration any permitting process to be administered by the police chief. The unanimous straw poll was taken immediately after Chief Kehoe replied No when asked by the chair if he supported inclusion of a permitting process in the new ordinance.

  • The Hieroglyphics of the Second Amendment

    To the Editor

  • Gun Control Advocates Urged To Persist In Their Efforts

    US Senator Richard Blumenthal this week told Newtown Action Alliance members that although recent proposed federal legislation to expand criminal background checks for gun purchasers failed to win approval, the matter will return to the Senate for another vote.

    “We’re not done,” Sen Blumenthal said of the drive for better gun control through federal legislation.

  • An Improbable Shot On Split Rock Road

    To the Editor:

    We have a well-organized group from Split Rock Road using 12/14 to take away our right to target shoot on our own property.

     A roofer was allegedly shot in that neighborhood by a stray bullet. That sounded odd so I investigated.

    I quote the police report:

  • ‘Blame Game’ Is An Irrelevant Distraction In Gun Debates

    To the Editor:

    Recently, a friend sent a Facebook link from the Washington Examiner entitled: “Obama Should Blame Tea Party, Not NRA, For Gun Control Defeat.” He asked for my opinion.  I thought about it for a while before I responded because I wanted to be precise.  I was grateful for both the article, and for the solicitation of my feelings. My own thoughts became more clarified as I wrote the following (slightly edited) response:

  • New Probate Court Database Will Be Key In Firearms Eligibility

    Vincent J. Russo, manager of communications and intergovernmental relations for the Office of the Probate Court Administrator of Connecticut has issued an announcement that the Probate Courts “expect to complete work this summer on a new database for use by state and federal authorities in checking the mental health backgrounds of citizens who seek to buy or own firearms.”

  • The Legality Of The Right To Bear Arms

    To the Editor:

    What is it which makes some people and judges believe that the Second Amendment in our Constitution gives everybody the right to bear arms? What does it really mean when it ties the right to bear arms to the need of a militia? There is no militia and there is no more need for a militia than for an armed mob, whether patriots or otherwise. Let us look if there is really a similar armed group existing today, the need for one, and whether a militia is really only an anachronism, a relic from a time long past.

  • Voting No, But Favoring More Security

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