town clerk

  • Public Service As It Should Be

    To the Editor:

    A few weeks ago, when my driver’s license came up for renewal, I learned that Connecticut now offers Verified Identity Protection.  Simply put, it means you should get through airports a little quicker.  The catch is that you have to provide DMV with your Social Security Card and a certified copy of your birth certificate.

  • Anti-Rabies Clinic Made Possible By Volunteers

    To the Editor:

    Last Saturday we held our 29th annual Low Cost Anti-Rabies Clinic in Newtown.  This clinic was made possible by local veterinarian, Dr Rakesh Vali DVM of Mt. Pleasant Hospital for Animals and his assistant, Mary Simpson, both of whom donated their time and service.  My very special thanks to each of them.

  • Town Clerk, Staff Striving For Professional Development, Certifications

    All Connecticut town clerks are elected. But as far as any other requirement to learn or acquire skills to do a better job on behalf of their communities, there are no further requirements.

    That hasn’t stopped Newtown Town Clerk Debbie Halstead and members of her staff from striving to pursue higher levels of training and certification. As Newtown’s top administrative official, Ms Halstead recently became Connecticut’s 13th Master Certified Town Clerk.

  • Above And Beyond

    To the Editor:

    Congratulations to all our candidates who stepped up and ran for office. We all know the challenges that face us ahead and are united in the goal that we want to be a part of the betterment of our town. 

    Thank you very much to my family, friends, colleagues and residents for your support and confidence in reelecting me as your town clerk. I will continue to go above and beyond both professionally and personally to help our town.

    Debbie Aurelia Halstead, CCTC, CMC

  • Why Should You Vote For Me?

    To the Editor:

    On November 5th, the residents of Newtown will be casting their ballot for the municipal election.  As a candidate for town clerk, I have the experience and certification needed to perform the duties and responsibilities of this very important position.

    I have lived in Newtown for over 20 years, raised two sons who attended Newtown schools, and have been involved in a wide range of activities.

  • Another Successful Rabies Vaccine Clinic

    To the Editor:

    On June 15th the town clerk's office sponsored its 28th Annual Low Cost Rabies Clinic.

    A very special thank you to Dr. Rakesh Vali, DVM and his Assistant Mary Thompson of Mt. Pleasant Animal Hospital for donating their time that morning to vaccinate over 60 pets in under two hours. They are always so gentle and patient with the animals.

  • 12/14 Death Certificates Released

    Following a lengthy legal battle, the town has provided copies of death certificates for the 28 people who died during the violent incidents of last December 14 in Sandy Hook.

    On June 18, applicants representing news organizations including The Hartford Courant and CNBC  received certified copies of the death certificates at the town clerk’s office.

  • Low-Cost Rabies Clinic Slated For Dogs And Cats

    On Saturday, June 15, from 10 am to noon, a low-cost rabies clinic for dogs and cats will be held at the Edmond Town Hall gymnasium at 45 Main Street. The cost for rabies vaccinations is $20 per animal with cash being only payment accepted. For information, contact the town clerk’s office at 203-270-4210. Shown on a stairway at Edmond Town Hall are: at top, Rakesh Vali, DVM, of Mt Pleasant Hospital For Animals; veterinary assistant Mary Simpson, who is holding Porsche, a seven-month old female brindled Great Dane; and Town Clerk Debbie Aurelia.

  • Newtown Legislators All Back Privacy Restrictions On Vital Records

    On Wednesday, February 20, Newtown’s delegation of legislators Representatives Mitch Bolinsky, DebraLee Hovey, and Dan Carter joined members of the local town clerk’s staff supporting a bill to better protect the privacy of Sandy Hook families and others following the death of a child.

    A release regarding the local delegation’s support was issued after several hours of testimony before the legislature’s Public Health Committee