• Specialist Helps Newtown Assess Its Post-Traumatic Support Response

    Jill Barron, MD, MHS, has been quietly ramping up plans to conduct a critical needs assessment of mental health and support response since arriving in Newtown in late February. But the experienced trauma specialist who worked with New York firefighters post 9/11 made her first local public appearance, receiving an official welcome when she was introduced to the Board of Selectmen March 18.

  • Theater Review: ‘Rounding Third’ Another Winner For Stray Kats (And Audiences)

    If there is one local show that you really ought to go see — because it is beautifully written, perfectly acted, and hilariously funny (in other words, what we all could use right now) — it’s Richard Dresser’s two man play about Little League baseball. For two more weekends, The Stray Kats Theatre Company is presenting Rounding Third in Edmond Town Hall’s Alexandria Room.

  • Stray Kats Taking A Swing At Baseball Comedy

    The Stray Kats Theatre Company (SKTC) will get the jump on America’s favorite pastime with Richard Dresser’s hilarious comedy, Rounding Third. Directed by the company’s Artistic Director Kate Katcher and starring Equity actors JP Sarro and Steven L. Barron, performances will be in Edmond Town Hall’s Alexandria Room, weekends March 1-17.