• Yoga Festival Attracts 150 Attendees For Mind-Body Discipline

    Under the guidance of yoga instructor Brian Pontolilo, third from left, a group of yoga participants demonstrates the chair pose. The instructional session was one of many held at the Newtown Yoga Festival. 

  • St Rose Students Worship While Working Out

    Sandy Hook resident Elizabeth Adam introduced a few dozen St Rose of Lima School students to a program of stretching and strength-building postures on March 24. Called PraiseMoves, the program looks very much like yoga but uses biblical scripture to focus one’s mind instead of the chanting that accompanies most forms of the Hindu spiritual and ascetic discipline.

  • The Top of the Mountain

    There were many unsettled emotions swirling about town last Friday, June 14, and it seems that Mother Nature felt equally unsettled. At about 8 pm on Friday, June 14, Kitten Associates Founder Robin Olson saw this funnel-shaped cloud form over Sandy Hook from Route 34, as well as a mesocyclone (rising air that rotates around a vertical axis) that spawned the funnel. Robin took photos to prove it and shared it with me for publication. She tells me she is, “Glad it didn’t form a tornado…” Me too, Robin.

  • Yoga Dimensions To Host Benefit Workshop

    Yoga Dimensions will host a special yoga workshop on Sunday, March 24, from 1 to 3 pm, to benefit the Women’s Center in Danbury. The Heart Opener Workshop will be led by yoga teacher Kristi Gunnershaug, with studio space provided by Lynda Weber, owner of Yoga Dimensions, at 87 South Main Street in Newtown.

    The Heart Opener Workshop is a two-hour Vinyasa-style class designed to open one's heart physically and emotionally with faith and trust. The suggested class donation is $40. All proceeds will go to the Women’s Center.

  • Yoga & Art, children’s class

    Yoga & Art, children’s class 4:30 pm, art session 5:30 pm, The Graceful Planet, 7 Berkshire Road, free, “fun, light-hearted” yoga class for ages 8-12, followed by art sessions for all ages to create works for The Peaceful Arts Collection, registration requested, classes also being offered March 12; info@SandyHookArts.org, www.SandyHookArts.org.

  • Free Yoga & Art Events For All Ages At The Graceful Planet

    Sandy Hook Peaceful Arts, Inc, a nonprofit organization, provides opportunities for the community to collaborate, create, express, and experience the arts under the guidance of teaching artists. The organization also engages in and provides educational opportunities in peaceful practices to enhance overall well being. Sandy Hook Peaceful Arts is committed to a generation of healing.

    The organization will host two offerings of Yoga & Art on Tuesdays, March 5 and 12, at The Graceful Planet.