Willow Bill

  • Hawley School Welcomes Willow Reindeer Project Founder

    Students in eight classes at Hawley Elementary School were introduced to The Willow Reindeer Project last month, thanks to a two-day visit by the project’s founder. After the two-day visit, the students had created eight small-scale reindeer sculptures under the guidance of Willow Bill, who told each class that it was up to them to decide what to do with their reindeer.

  • Heading Home

    Willow Bill arrived in Newtown from Nevada at the end of January. He returned last week after visiting his best friend and father, hoping to help the group placing Hearts of Hope on Wednesday, February 13, around town (the group had finished their work before he was able to catch up with them, unfortunately). While here, Bill delivered countless hearts fashioned from willows he found while walking, including a few to The Bee. On Friday, February 15, Bill said farewell to Newtown for at least a few months. He is heading home again, but promised to return in the autumn.