• Snapshot: Nick Hoffman

    Occupation: I’m the new executive director at NYA Sports & Fitness Center. I came from Family & Children’s Aid in Danbury. The executive director role here has some fundraising elements, program development, and the day-to-day operations to oversee.

    Family: My wife, Robyn, is a psychiatric APRN, and works at Family & Children’s. We have two daughters. Zoe is 4½ years old, and Amelia is 19 months old.

  • Snapshot: Joe Hemingway

    Occupation: I am a construction project manager.

    Family: I have been married to Maribeth for 33 years. We have two daughters. Sarah is 28 and Maggie is 26.

    Pets: Until very recently, we had two golden retrievers. Sadie passed away at 14, two months ago, and Lucy passed away at age 12, in early August.

    How long have you lived in town? We have lived here for 26 years.

  • Snapshot: Bill Felmer

    Occupation: I’m the manager at Core Fitness in Newtown. I track appointments, schedule clients, and everything that goes into the business. I’m a personal trainer there, too. As a side project, I’m involved in the Marine Corps “poolie” program. That’s physical training for delayed entry Marine recruits. I’m a Marine veteran, and served from 2006 to 2010. I was deployed to Iraq from August 2007 to March 2008, and again to Afghanistan in 2010, for six months, until I was injured July 4.

  • Snapshot: Christal Preszler

    Occupation: I am the grants coordinator for the Planning Department for the Town of Newtown, and I work on the Fairfield Hills-related projects and oversee fair and affordable housing.

    Family: I have three children. Julie is a senior at Newtown High School, Scott is a freshman at the high school, and Nick is in eighth grade at Newtown Middle School.

  • Snapshot: Kevin Stoyak

    Occupation: I’m a veterinarian technician and office manager at Easton Veterinary.

    Family: My wife is Linnea, and we have a daughter, Stephanie, who is 14 years old.

    Pets: I have two cats, Mr Jynx and Lily. Mr Jynx is a black, longhaired cat, and Lily is a gray short hair. And we have four fish.

    How long have you lived here? I’ve lived in Sandy Hook since April of 1997.

  • Snapshot: Julie Mack

    Occupation: I’m a homemaker. I was in accounting before I had children, but I stopped after my second child.

    Family: I have three children. Daphne is 15 and she’ll be a junior at Newtown High School; Phoebe is 14 and will be a freshman; and Philip is 12 and going into seventh grade at Newtown Middle School. My boyfriend, Michael, is a special person in my life.

  • Snapshot: Penny Mudgett

    Occupation: I’m the assessor for the Town of Newtown. I started this position in January 2014. I’ve been here for 15 years, though. I was deputy assessor, and did data entry, before that.

    Family: I’ve been married to Gary for almost seven years. We have no children. My father, Jim Talarino, lives here in Newtown.

  • Snapshot: Frank LaPak

    Occupation: I started at The Newtown Bee in 1981. I’m retired now, but I still come in once a week to do composition — that’s paste up — for the paper.

    Family: I have five children, all grown up. Dennis lives in Newtown, and so does Tara. Kathleen is in Bethel; Maura is in Brookfield; and Sean is in Waterbury. I have 12 grandchildren, three great-grandchildren, and one more great-grandchild on the way. They’re all wonderful kids!

  • Snapshot: Jim Manville

    Occupation: I’m an accountant. I work for New Castle Hotels in Shelton. We own, operate, and develop hotels in North America.

    Family: My wife Barbara and I have been married 33 years, come August. We have two sons, both out of college and moved on. Bill is a computer consultant in Virginia, and David is in Boston. He works in the music concert industry.

  • Snapshot: Kathy Gadoci

    Occupation: I work for my husband, Robert, who is a chiropractor in Brookfield. I’m his office manager.

    Family: Robert and I have been married for 26 years. We have a son, Anthony, who is 27, and our daughter, Danielle, is 26. Both went to Newtown High School.

    Pets: We have three cats. Striker is 12. Sherha, we found outside in our yard, five years ago. Midnight, we just got from the local pound.