The Way We Were

  • The Way We Were

    May 27, 1988

    The long-awaited steeple for the new Congregational Church arrived last week, but alas, it was the wrong color. In what was described as a comedy of errors, a mismatch of colors stalled the erection which has already been put off several times because of bad weather. It is hoped to have the correct steeple in place in six weeks or so according to Rod Gulick, coordinator of the building program. Meanwhile, the church is moving toward an expected first service in the church, June 19.

  • The Way We Were

    May 20, 1988

    The 50-year history of the Sandy Hook Volunteer Fire Company Inc dates back to the summer of 1938, when the company organized, elected officers, and starting canvassing and holding dances to raise money for firefighting equipment. The company also started its own softball team. Hawley Warner, who was active with the company during those first few years, recalled that in addition to Mr Hanlon, Dr Maruice D.Corrigan also played an active role in getting the company started.

  • The Way We Were

    May 13, 1988

    While the imminence of $60 million worth of sewers remains lurking a few months longer in the far reaches of Newtown’s collective subconscious, public officials are beginning to come to grips with ideas on who should foot the bill. Most agreed the town should bear some but not all of the cost for limited sewers which Consulting Environmental Engineers of West Hartford have proposed for the borough and three lake and riverside communities.

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    May 6, 1988

    More than 1,700 vehicles — a record number — were driven into the landfill on Saturday, April 30, the final day when people could take advantage of something that, until recently, they always took for granted in Newtown — free dumping of junk such as tires, appliances, and bulky waste. The new fee system which took effect Monday, May 2, will not change the fact that residents holding permits still can dump household trash at no cost.

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    April 22, 1988

  • The Way We Were

    April 15, 1988

  • The Way We Were

    April 8, 1988

    The new structure of the Newtown Congregational Church has interior details on the balcony siding and over the doors which hint at the historical beginnings of the congregation. The new building will feature a soundproof narthex, cherry pews, and cranberry red carpeting. The pulpit will be set toward the left side and the organ and the choir to the right, while the pipes from the organ in the old church will eventually be housed in a room at the front of the church.

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    April 1, 1988

  • The Way We Were, from the issue dated March 22, 2013

    March 25, 1988

    First Selectman Rod Mac Kenzie last week read a proclamation which proclaimed the week of March 13–20 as “Camp Fire Birthday Week,” in honor the organization’s 78th birthday. This youth group is dedicated to preserving the environment, applying democratic standards, and adapting to social change.


  • The Way We Were, from the issue dated March 1, 2013

    March 4, 1988