St Rose of Lima School

  • Newtowners Press For Nonpublic School Access To Security Grants

    Tracy Heim, a Newtown resident and a St Rose of Lima School parent, appeared before the Connecticut Finance, Revenue and Bonding Committee on March 13.

    She was there, she said, on behalf of her three children, St Rose of Lima School Principal Mary Maloney, and all of the staff and parents of St Rose.

  • St Rose Students Worship While Working Out

    Sandy Hook resident Elizabeth Adam introduced a few dozen St Rose of Lima School students to a program of stretching and strength-building postures on March 24. Called PraiseMoves, the program looks very much like yoga but uses biblical scripture to focus one’s mind instead of the chanting that accompanies most forms of the Hindu spiritual and ascetic discipline.

  • Veterans Day Assembly At St Rose Of Lima School

    St Rose of Lima School welcomed nine military veterans on Monday, November 11, for Veterans Day.

    As the gathered students waited for the assembly to begin, each student held a small flag.

  • Glenna Orr Visits St Rose School

    St Rose of Lima School students were visited by author Glenna C. Orr on Tuesday, September 24.

  • A Kind Act Repeated: Students Plant Mums In Memory Of 12/14 Victims

    For her eighth birthday in April, then second grade St Rose of Lima School student Ryann Heim planted flowers with her class near a statue on the school’s grounds to honor the 26 people killed at Sandy Hook School on 12/14.

    It was the first time Ryann had done anything like that for her birthday, she said this week.

  • St Rose Student Creates Solar Updraft Tower

    One of the St Rose of Lima School students who will attend the Connecticut Science & Engineering Fair next week created a Solar Updraft tower for her project.

    Eighth grader Grace Herrick started researching her project over the summer, and when the time came to submit her project for approval, she was nearly ready.