Newtown Genealogy Club

  • Genealogy Club Chair On Fleshing Out Family Research, November 13

    Toni McKeen, chairman of Newtown Genealogy Club, will present a lecture entitled “Putting Flesh on the Bones of Your Ancestor” at the club’s next meeting. The program will be offered on Wednesday, November 13, at 7 pm, at C.H. Booth Library in Newtown.

  • Genealogy Club To Begin New Season This Month

    The first meeting of the new season for Newtown Genealogy Club will be held on Wednesday, September 11, at C.H. Booth Library, 25 Main Street.

    Meetings are on the second Wednesday of the month, September through June. This season the club expects to have interesting and informative speakers on many aspects of genealogy.

  • “DNA: The Imprint Of Your Ancestors,” At Next Genealogy Club Meeting

    The Genealogy Club of Newtown will hold its next monthly meeting on Wednesday, June 12, at C.H. Booth Library, 25 Main Street. The meeting will begin at 7 pm, and is open to the public. Admission is free, and light refreshment will be served.

    This month’s guest speaker will be Nora Galvin, who runs the website Aunt Lizzie’s Trunk. Ms Galvin has spoken in Newtown several times before, and has always been well received. This month her presentation will be “Your DNA Fingerprint: The Imprint Of Your Ancestors.”

  • Using Town Records For Family Research

    This month’s meeting of Newtown Genealogy Club will be held on Wednesday, May 8, at C.H. Booth Library, 25 Main Street in Newtown.

    The meeting starts at 7 pm and as always, is open to non-members free of charge.

    This month’s speaker is Joseph Camposeo, who has been Town Clerk of Manchester since 1996. Prior to being elected, he served as both a member and secretary for the town’s Board of Directors, and member of the Board of Education from 1978 until 1988.

  • "Placing Your Heritage In Historical Perspective," Next For Genealogy Club

    The April meeting of the Newtown Genealogy Club will be held in the meeting room of C.H. Booth Library, 25 Main Street, on Wednesday, April 10, beginning at 7 pm.

    This month’s guest speaker is Laura G. Prescott.  She is a professional researcher, writer and speaker.

    Originally from Charleston, W.V., she has lived in New England for over 35 years.  Before starting her own research business in 2005, she worked for the New England Historical Genealogical Society for 7 years. 

  • Using Ancestry.com Successfully

    “Tips & Tricks For Using Ancestry.com Successfully,” 7 pm, C.H. Booth Library, 25 Main Street, free, program by published genealogist Toni McKeen (also a member of host group Newtown Genealogy Club) will share effective ways to do research with ever-changing online resource, refreshments; 203-426-4533.

  • Using Ancestry.com Successfully

    The next meeting of Newtown Genealogy Club will be on Wednesday, March 13, at 7 pm. The club meets at C.H. Booth Library, 25 Main Street.

    The speaker this month will be Toni McKeen. Her program, “Tips & Tricks for Using Ancestry.com Successfully,” will share the most effective way to do research on the ever-changing online resources at Ancestry.com.