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  • ‘Talking Trash’ At Newtown Skate Park

    To the Editor:

    My name is Tom and I am a proud Newtown skateboarder who uses the skate park at Dickinson [Park] on an almost daily basis, and I recognize an ongoing problem. Whether its because my peers were denied the upbringing I had, or its that they just don’t care, one thing is for certain, the regulars of Newtown skate park don’t know how to clean up after themselves.

  • Three Arrested Following Incident At Newtown Skate Park

    Police report an incident at the Newtown Skate Park on Tuesday, March 5, involving the brandishing of a firearm, which resulted in the arrest of three people.

    Police said they responded to a complaint at about 5:35 pm involving three males who were in a vehicle, one of whom had waved what appeared to be a handgun out of the vehicle’s window at people at the skate park after a verbal dispute there. There were no injuries.