• For Congress, Reelect No One – No Exceptions!

    To the Editor:

    This is a non-partisan message.

    Our Congress has the worst approval rating in history – 8 percent!

    Why, because they have not resolved the important issues our country faces, but have taken very good care of themselves.

    Any vote for an incumbent is a vote to continue this awful status quo. Send a message to Congress –vote out all incumbents. The challengers cannot possibly be worse than what we currently have.

  • More Hypocrisy From Congress

    To the Editor:

    Today, February 27, C-SPAN informed us that the United States Senate blocked a Bill that would have expanded Veterans' Benefits to include dental care.  The proposed Bill would also have provided funding to support remedial health care beyond the limits presently imposed by sequestration.

    I feel like vomiting with rage at the hypocrisy present in our Congress.

  • Unraveling The Safety Net

    Last week, a group of volunteers responsible for Newtown’s Victory Garden at Fairfield Hills went to an orchard in nearby Washington and returned with a half ton of apples in the back of a pickup truck. They delivered them to the FAITH Food Pantry and the Nunnawauk Meadows senior housing complex. The fresh fruit was a welcome addition to the pantry, which along with the food bank run by Newtown Social Services, feeds several hundred Newtown residents every month. Newtown is a generous place, but there are times when even these cupboards are nearly bare.

  • America Needs A Real Leader

    To the Editor:

    It’s time for another installment of “Name That Shameless Politician.” Who said:

  • Who Has Rep. Esty’s Ear?

    To the Editor:

    Citizens be aware that our congresswoman, Elizabeth Etsy, has taken contributions from the energy and environmental sources to the tune of $26,000. (May 9th issue of Fairfield County Weekly, page 4.) The Hartford Courant has noted (in the same article) that she gave back $3,500 to Northeast Utilities since it might have been an “unnecessary distraction.” Why you ask?

  • A Congressional Joke?

    To the Editor:

    (The following letter, to Congresswoman Elizabeth Esty, has been received for publication in The Newtown Bee.)

  • Newtown-Bred Activists Partnering Up With National Gun-Control Groups

    WASHINGTON – The 26 gun control activists who biked from Newtown to Washington, arriving Tuesday, belong to a growing group of Newtown residents who, with the help of national groups, are becoming a lobbying force on Capitol Hill.

    The residents and family members of the 26 killed in the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings are a powerful reminder of the tragedy for lawmakers and reporters, who sometimes have short attention spans.