Families United in Newtown

  • FUN Celebrates Its Graduating Seniors And End Of The School Ye

    Members of FUN (Families United in Newtown) gathered at Dickinson Memorial Park recently for the group’s final meeting of the 2014-15 school year.

    The event was held as a celebration of the end of the academic year and of the group’s graduating high school senior members.

  • Autism Social Group Bringing YouTube Sensation Back For An Encore

    Families United in Newtown (FUN) will host its final meeting of the school year on Sunday, June 14, from 3 to 6 pm, at Dickinson Park, 50 Elm Drive. The meeting and social activities, themed “Dancing in the Park,” are being held by the basketball courts and new FunSpace in the back of the park.

  • Benefit Concert Life-Affirming & Joyous

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  • A Night Of FUN: Benefit Concert Featuring Movie Music Supports Families United In Newtown

    With her voice filling Newtown Congregational Church and her fingers drifting across piano keys, special guest and YouTube sensation Jodi DiPiazza performed “Somewhere Over The Rainbow,” Saturday, May 16. She and others came together for a benefit concert, “Celebrating Movie Music,” to raise funds for Families United in Newtown (FUN), which resident Linda Jones established in 2008 to offer recreational programs and respite for families with special needs children like her late son Tyler, who was a non-verbal child with autism.

  • A Magical Event

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  • Newtown Autism Concert To Feature YouTube Phenom Jodi DiPiazza

    Families United in Newtown (FUN) will present its third annual autism awareness-raising concert, “Celebrating Movie Music,” on Saturday, May 16, at 6 pm, at Newtown Congregational Church, 14 West Street.

    This year’s concert theme involves popular movie tunes spanning the decades, and will welcome headliner and YouTube sensation Jodi DiPiazza. Jodi, a resident of New Jersey, began improvising piano at age 3 and started taking lessons at age 7 despite her struggle with autism spectrum disorder. 

  • FUN Celebrates At Its Final Meeting Of The School Year

    Members of FUN (Families United in Newtown) met at Dickinson Memorial Park on Sunday, June 8, for the group’s final meeting of the 2013-14 academic year.

    FUN was formed in the memory of Tyler Jones, the son of the program’s founders.

  • Booth Library Unveils Autism Resource Center

    Through laughter and tears, sisters Sarah and Hannah D'Avino and their mother, Mary, spoke briefly on May 10 about their late sister and daughter Rachel D’Avino, who was killed on 12/14. She was a teacher’s aide and behavioral therapist at Sandy Hook School. 

    “We’re going to help continue Rachel’s dream of helping [children with] autism,” said Mary D’Avino.

  • A FUN Concert Planned, To Promote Autism Awareness

    Families United in Newtown (FUN) is planning a night of music for Friday, May 9. The performance will start at 7 pm and will be at Newtown Congregational Church, 14 West Street.

    The concert will feature tunes for all types of music lovers.

  • Benefit Concert To Promote Autism Awareness

    From left is Wesley Morlock, Tristan Speed and Lindsey Jones, three of the four musicians planning to perform a special concert to raise funds for FUN, and autism awareness, on April 27. Guitarist Yossi Kohrman-Glaser is also planning to perform during the benefit.