• Volunteers Needed For Wine Tasting Event

    Residents who would like to volunteer for the upcoming Newtown Forest Association (NFA) wine tasting event on September 12 are invited to a meeting Tuesday, September 1 at 7 pm at the Holcombe Hill offices at 65 Great Hill Road.

    The NFA board members are reaching out to residents to help put on this year’s 2nd Annual Sunset Wine Tasting. The NFA, Inc. is a local non-profit  private land trust and is dependent upon volunteers  from the community. 

  • Volunteers Place Flags To Honor Veterans

    13-year-old Ethan Hanna carries a box of American flags, ready to visit Zoar Cemetery and decorate the graves of veterans there. Ethan was one of many volunteers placing flags on veterans’ gravesites, Thursday afternoon, May 14.

  • The Dedication And Sacrifice Of The NVAC

    To the Editor:

    I have been volunteering at our very own Newtown Volunteer Ambulance Corp since September, 2014.  It is a service that I have taken for granted since we moved here in 2002. However, now that I am one of them, I have been awed by the dedication and sacrifice of these people, some for decades.

  • How To Contribute To Our Town

    To the Editor:

    We were simultaneously bewildered  and outraged by Mr Pielli' s instruction on how to “work a luminaria.” [Letter Hive, Bee, 12-19-14]

    This treatise was  apparently  motivated  by an overwhelming disappointment with his visual enjoyment traversing Main Street in the warmth of his vehicle on the night of the Ram Pasture tree lighting .

  • Our Volunteers Are Protecting Us … Who’s Protecting Them?

    To the Editor:

    Our town is blessed with five volunteer fire departments, as well as a volunteer ambulance and a volunteer dive team.  Some of you may not realize that these volunteers are on call 24/7 . When you need them, they are there at the scene of an accident, at your home, responding to fires, medical emergencies and water rescues, among other scenarios.  At a time when you are most likely in the most vulnerable, stressed and emotional state, they are calmly and efficiently at your side.

  • Thanks To The Volunteers

    To the Editor:

    The Newtown High School Library Media Center would like to publicly thank our community volunteers for the many hours they contributed this past school year.

    Our volunteers are Roberta Ahuja, Barbara French, and Mark Malia.

    Their services have been invaluable, and we gratefully acknowledge their commitment to our school.


    Tiffany Cotroneo, Liza Zandonella and Lee Brownell

  • Our Heroes

    To the Editor:

    All volunteers are heroes. Whether they rush in to help during a crisis or quietly change lives one act of kindness at a time, they are the essence of community and are the best of who we are as humans.

    During National Volunteer Month everyone who generously gives their time deserves public gratitude for their commitment to the needs of people who may never know their names and causes that would never survive without them. You all make our communities strong.

  • Board Vacancies Need Volunteers

    First Selectman Pat Llodra is requesting qualified residents to come forward and be considered to fill several vacancies on town appointed boards and commissions. The following panels have current vacancies:

    *The Hattertown Historic District has two alternate positions available, one to a any party and one to a Democrat or Unaffiliated voter. 

    *The Charter Communications Advisory Board  has an open position for any registered voter. 

  • Help NUSAR Keep Newtown Safe

    To the Editor:

    For over 20 years we, the men and women of NUSAR [Newtown Underwater Search and Rescue], have been providing emergency water rescue services and water safety instruction to Newtown and our neighboring communities. With so many lakes, ponds, rivers and streams in our area, NUSAR is a vital link in our region’s chain of first responders.