• The Worst Form Of Government

    Election day is welcomed and celebrated in this country as the culmination of the democratic process — a system that is supposed to make our representative government accountable and self-correcting. It ensures a government of, by, and for the people.

  • Public Service As It Should Be

    To the Editor:

    A few weeks ago, when my driver’s license came up for renewal, I learned that Connecticut now offers Verified Identity Protection.  Simply put, it means you should get through airports a little quicker.  The catch is that you have to provide DMV with your Social Security Card and a certified copy of your birth certificate.

  • Letter To The Editor Brings Fame To Sandy Hook Resident

    Some writers devote a lifetime to creating the perfect opus, agonizing over every word, crafting each phrase, and breathing life into characters. Yet that pinnacle of achievement remains elusive. Then there are others, like Brendan Duffy, who are catapulted to fame doing what Mr Duffy said anybody could have done: he wrote a letter to the editor of his hometown newspaper, The Newtown Bee.