Al's Trail

  • Summer Activities Available In And Near Newtown

    Summer days may be long, but there is no shortage of activities in and near Newtown, from hiking to biking to horseback riding to swimming. A few Newtowners offered their own recommendations for summer outings.

    Fox Ridge Farm boasts many activities for equestrians of all levels. Sitting on 25 acres, Pat Gregory and Fox Ridge Farm have been located on Aunt Park Lane for 14 years. All Ms Gregory asks is that the young riders come equipped with a well-fitting, approved helmet, long pants, and a pair of boots with a one-inch heel.

  • Rooftops, Parking Lots Pose A Threat To Deep Brook

    To the Editor:

    The division between doing the right thing for one thing and the right thing for another thing gets as confusing as the beginning of this sentence.

  • Al’s Trail Is Not Suitable For Bicycles

    To the Editor:

    The recent Bee article describing the Bike Friendly Newtown initiative suggested that some meeting participants feel that Al's Trail is a 12-mile trail suitable for bicycle use.

  • Newtown Hikers: Al's Trail

    Newtown Hikers: Al’s Trail, 10 am, meet at Edmond Town Hall lower rear parking lot, 45 Main Street, free, meet group to carpool to hike site, children welcome accompanied by adults, bring beverage, sturdy shoes/boots recommended, hike followed by potluck luncheon and spring schedule planning at  private home in Newtown (call for directions and food coordination, also call if weather is questionable), all welcome, note this is change from original plan for March 30; 203-364-0360.