opening day

  • Slow, But Enjoyable (And Early) Start To Fishing Season

    Fishermen line the area ponds, lakes, rivers, and streams – and bring their boats out – to cast their lines every year on the morning when fishing season begins. This April, in Newtown anyway, there seemed to be fewer fishermen out for opening day than in the past – perhaps, in part, because of an earlier start to the season and due to a windy day and overall slow arrival of spring warmth. Nonetheless, the Saturday, April 11 morning was an enjoyable kickoff (make that cast off) to the season for those who hooked bait and reeled in dinner.

  • Opening Day At C.H. Booth Library Book Sale

    New C.H. Booth Library director Shawn Fields, center, greets Friends of the C.H. Booth Library volunteers, Saturday morning, July 13, prior to the start of the Annual Book Sale. Mr Fields began his new position with the library July 1.