Queen Street

  • A Huge Waste Of Taxpayer Money

    To the Editor:

    Queen St + Speed Bumps = huge waste of taxpayer money.

    The town should take the same approach to Queen St that they have taken for the road that we live on, which hasn’t cost the town a penny.  The speed limit on our road is 15 mph and no one breaks it.  Here’s the trick - our road hasn’t been resurfaced in 30 years.  Its full of cracks and potholes, the curbs are falling apart.  It is impossible to go over 15mph without ruining your car’s suspension.

  • E-Z Pass For Queen Street?

    To the Editor:

    Perhaps eliminating the humps and converting lower Queen Street into a toll road would reduce traffic sufficiently to satisfy residents, who naturally would have scanable resident ID cards, as has been suggested by a previous writer.

    For the rest of us E-ZPass toll collection readers and video cameras would allow passage.

    For those of you without E-ZPass you obviously don’t belong on this stretch of privileged, public-funded roadway.

  • Queen’s Street’s Big Picture Needs A Regional View

    To the Editor:

  • Improving Traffic Safety

    To the Editor:

    Over the past few weeks I have read with interest several letters concerning the speed tables on Queen Street. About nine years ago, shortly after buying properties on Queen Street, I attended my first meeting to discuss traffic issues on Queen Street. I left that meeting thinking that action would be taken.

  • Bumpy Roads In Newtown

    To the Editor:

  • Queen Street Has Important Friends

    To the Editor:

    The Police Commission, who approved five speed bumps on Queen Street, and Pat Llodra, who authorized their installation, have done a huge disservice to Newtown.  It has negatively changed the character of the Borough and Newtown forever. The number of bumps is a clear indication that the primary objective was to divert auto, truck and bus traffic off Queen Street, not speed.

  • The Squeaky Wheel Gets The Bump

    To the Editor:

  • The Police Commission’s Costly Obsession With Queen Street

    To the Editor:

    What started as a legitimate effort to calm traffic on Queen Street has now turned into a fiasco. First two speed bumps, then three, and now five are planned.  Ten-mile-an-hour speed signs were posted. Now we learn that the Police Commission wants to make sure no driver can go more than 25 MPH in between the speed bumps.  Do any other roads in Newtown have that objective?

  • Queen Street Resident Urges More Speed Bumps

    A Queen Street resident is urging Police Commission members to have all five of the large speed bumps planned for Queen Street installed there to hold down motorists’ travel speeds as a pedestrian safety measure.

    Late last year, the town installed three large speed bumps, known as “speed tables” on the southern section of Queen Street as a speed control measure.