• What To Do When Your House Is Making You Homesick

    Being “homesick” takes on a whole new meaning when seeking answers to health issues.

    Sick building or sick house syndrome is a term coined more than three decades ago to describe situations in which more than one person experiences illness connected with a particular building or home, due to gas-emitting building materials and poor ventilation. It is a term that is commonly recognized today by people well outside the building industry, said Drs Carolyn Graham and Alice Bell of the Naturopathic Health Center, LLC, in Southbury.

  • Marble And Granite Are Rock Solid Choices For Home Or Office

    There are stones on the market such a travertine, soapstone, and quartzite that work perfectly well for home and office applications, as do the manufactured products. But far and away the two stones with which customers are most familiar and which are utilized most frequently are granite and marble, said Sinan Sepkin, president of Academy Marble & Granite in Bethel.