spring concert

  • Sandy Hook School Spring Concert Assembly Held

    Ahead of the chorus’s Spring Concert held on Thursday, May 14, Sandy Hook School’s fourth grade students sang during an assembly on Wednesday, May 13.

    Under the direction of Sandy Hook School music teacher Maryrose Kristopik, students performed songs both on their recorders and by singing.

    Songs performed by the students included the Sandy Hook School song, “The Star-Spangled Banner,” “Saints on Parade,” Everybody Smiles,” and “I’m Flying.”

  • Hawley’s Spring Concert Assembly

    Hawley Elementary School Principal Christopher Moretti welcomed the assembled students on Monday, May 4, to the fourth grade’s Spring Concert.

    The fourth graders, Mr Moretti told the rest of the student body, had worked hard for the performance, and would go on to present the Spring Concert for family and friends during the evening of Wednesday, May 6.

  • Spring Concert Assembly At Head O’ Meadow

    As Head O’ Meadow Principal Barbara Gasparine told her assembled students on Thursday, April 30, the fourth grade students had worked had for their Spring Concert.

    Ms Gasparine continued to welcome the students to the assembly and explained it was being held ahead of the school’s Spring Concert on Monday, May 4, for family and friends.

    Head O’ Meadow music teacher Cynthia Holberg led her students through playing songs on recorders and singing.

  • Spring Concert Assembly Held At Middle Gate

    After first singing their school’s song, Middle Gate Elementary School fourth graders shared a number of songs during an assembly on Thursday, April 23, as a preview for their then-upcoming Spring Concert, which was held in the evening of April 27.

    Led by Middle Gate music teacher Tina Jones, the students sang songs like “Don’t Worry, Be Happy,” “Pizza Love,” “Happy,” and “Nothing More.”

    When the group sang “Nothing More,” by the Alternate Routes, different students took turns holding up signs.

  • Spring Concert Celebrated Growth For Newtown, Raised Funds For Police Union

    Newtown Music Studio Director Jackie Gaudet, center wearing a scarf, joins students and friends in a sing-along opening the April 6 Spring Benefit Concert at Newtown Congregational Church.

  • Choral Society’s Spring Concert Will Offer Music To Reflect The Joy Of Peace, Food, Travel And More

    “The Joy of…,” a concert celebrating what we all love in life, will be presented by Newtown Choral Society at 7:30 pm on Saturday, April 27, at Newtown Meeting House, 31 Main Street.

    Under the direction of Mary Andreotta, and accompanied by Susan Anthony-Klein, the choir will be singing music from Three Dog’s Night “Joy to the World,” to John Denver’s “All this Joy.”