Sydney Eddison

  • Connections Between Art And The Garden, July 13 In Sandy Hook

    Newtown author Sydney Eddison will open her garden for a tour and to introduce a new series of workshops that make connections between art and the garden. As a former set designer and drama teacher, she has delighted in exploring the close relationship that exists between the two.

    “Because nature is the co-creator of any garden, gardeners can actually fulfill the yearning many of us feel to be artists,” says Mrs Eddison, who lives in Sandy Hook and has agreed to host the special offering on Saturday, July 13.

  • Woman’s Club Invites Interested Women To Attend New Member Meeting

    From left are Newtown Woman’s Club members Judy Rosentel, Jan Happel, Shirley Ferris, Marcia Cavanaugh, Layne Lescault and Nina Morrisson, planning the club’s April meeting. Local gardening expert and author Sydney Eddison will be the guest speaker, and anyone interested in learning more about and perhaps joining the club is invited to attend the program.