• Volunteer Fire, Emergency Medical Response Companies Not Required To Provide Health Insurance Under Obamacare

    WASHINGTON, D.C. — Volunteer fire departments and emergency medical responder companies will not be required to provide health insurance for their members or face a penalty under the Affordable Care Act, the US Department of Treasury announced on January 10.

  • Access Health CT Gets First Obamacare Enrollment Amid Website Woes

    The website has been spotty, but Access Health CT, the state’s new health insurance marketplace created by the federal health reform law, enrolled its first member shortly before 9:30 Tuesday morning.

    CEO Kevin Counihan was an in-studio guest on WNPR’s Where We Live when the Access Health site was slated to launch. After hearing reports that people had been unable to access it, Counihan got a text message and scribbled “We’re live” on a piece of paper.

  • Where Do You Stand On Tyranny?

    To the Editor:

    I find it very interesting that our imperial president has taken it upon himself to again shred the Constitution and upgrade his executive powers.

    There is no question that the infamous Affordable Care Act aka, Obamacare is a questionable law.  Yes; it was ruled constitutional by the Supreme Court; but it was ruled a tax – and there lies another  question for another time.

  • The Cost Of Doing Business

    To the Editors:

    Look at President Obama’s vast economic deception. From his pronouncements that Obamacare will save money, with no mention that the total cost will be more than twice the $900 billion claimed, to our new improved Gross National Product numbers. When the facts do not support his claims, he changes the measuring stick.