The Great Newtown Reunion

  • A Treadwell Returns For The Reunion

    To the Editor:

    We have all heard of Treadwell Park, named for our First Selectman Timothy B. Treadwell, who died tragically in a house fire in February, 1972.

  • Praise for ‘Panacea’

    To the Editor:

    Last Saturday night, at the Great Newtown Reunion, "Panacea" absolutely rocked our world. Every single one of the rock group's members was superb, and the song choices brought tears to our eyes. "Panacea" was back again, and 40 years magically melted away ... we were young, deliriously happy and carefree once more. We knew every single word to every single song, and we let the world know it with a cacophony of off-key yet joyous and enthusiastic singing to the music of our beloved "Panacea."