• Worth All The Work

    To the Editor:

    We’re so fortunate, and so grateful, that The Newtown Bee spread the word about the August 31st Panacea and Friends Concert. Associate Editor Shannon Hicks took time to meet with us, listened patiently to our stories, and then wrote two amazing features.

    Sometimes it’s difficult to get up in front of a crowd and make sure that everyone has a good time. Panacea has been blessed; the music might not always be perfect, but seeing everyone sing along makes us wish we knew all the words, too! 

  • Panacea Members Return For August 31 Reunion Show: Rain Or Shine, Sunday At Dickinson Park

    Panacea, who performed what turned out to be an abbreviated reunion set during The Great Newtown Reunion last summer, has promised fans that this time they are not leaving the stage early.

  • ‘Our Gift To Newtown:’ After An Abbreviated Performance, Panacea Reuniting Once More For Full Show

    Panacea, which formed while its members were students at Newtown High School in the early 1970s, reunited to perform at The Great Newtown Reunion in July 2013. From left is drummer Rick Kuhn, guitarist Bruce Tibbits, bassist Corky Ballard, flutist Leslie Ballard Dasilva and guitarist Jon Dodson. Last year’s show was cut short due to a curfew, but the band promised to return and finish the performance.

  • Praise for ‘Panacea’

    To the Editor:

    Last Saturday night, at the Great Newtown Reunion, "Panacea" absolutely rocked our world. Every single one of the rock group's members was superb, and the song choices brought tears to our eyes. "Panacea" was back again, and 40 years magically melted away ... we were young, deliriously happy and carefree once more. We knew every single word to every single song, and we let the world know it with a cacophony of off-key yet joyous and enthusiastic singing to the music of our beloved "Panacea."