• Theater Review: Something To Believe In

    RIDGEFIELD — Oblivion is a play about just that: “the state of being unaware of what is happening.”

    Carly Mensch’s carefully crafted story serves to encourage the audience to believe in things that may not be tangible, visible or reliable, yet we all need to have faith in something. Ridgefield Theater Barn is staging only the third production of Oblivion since its premiere in November 2011, and it is well worth seeing for the valuable and uplifting message this play imparts.

  • Theater Review: Uniformly Excellent Cast In World Premiere Of ‘Oblivion’

    Katie Broad and Johanna Day are daughter and mother Julie and Pam in the world premiere of Oblivion, written by Carly Mensch and being directed by Mark Brokaw, at Westport Country Playhouse through September 8.