• Theater Review: 'Chicago' The Latest Reason To Take Advantage Of A Good Thing At WCSU

    DANBURY — Western Connecticut State University sits so quietly in the center of Danbury that we sometimes might be tempted to take it for granted, and in so doing, miss out on its depth as a powerhouse in the fields of theatre arts and music. All you need do to discover this, however, is to take in one of their annual musical productions at the Berkshire Hall Theater.

  • Summer Concert Wrap-Up: From ‘Woodstock’ To Toad’s Place, Veteran Acts Proved They Were Built To Last

    Detroit rocker Ted Nugent was one of many veteran acts that lit up area concert stages this summer. The ‘Nuge’ brought his earsplitting, high energy presence to Toad’s Place August 6, along with some controversy that inspired an attempted boycott of the show by demonstrators who took offense to earlier comments he made about the Trayvon Martin case.