Cullens Youth Association

  • There Is No App For Nature

    To the Editor:

    There was a very interesting article in the New York Times this past Sunday (9/27/15): “Stop Googling. Let’s Talk” by Sherry Turkle, an MIT professor. She has been studying the psychology of online connectivity for 30 years; more recently with a focus on what has happened to face-to-face conversation with apps and texting dominating our social culture.

  • Cullens Youth Association Says Thanks

    To the Editor:

    Cullens Youth Association Inc. recently undertook a tag sale at the Newtown Middle School concurrent with the Newtown Labor Day Parade.  I would like to express our genuine gratitude to the many volunteers that assisted in this community awareness and fund raising project. Our thanks in particular to Cat Fedorchek who chaired the project and the Middle School staff that assisted her. The proceeds will assist us in meeting our annual operating expenses.

  • 12/14 Foundations And Community Groups Reach Out In A Network Of Caring

    A chorus of voices spilled from The Alexandria Room Tuesday afternoon as various outreach and community-based groups networked at Edmond Town Hall.

  • A Memorable Day For A Special Location

    To the Editor: