Great Pumpkin Races

  • Racing Gourds & Flying Pumpkins: Lions Host 6th Annual Great Pumpkin Races

    The Newtown Lions Club conducted its Sixth Annual Great Pumpkin Race October 17 behind Edmond Town Hall, featuring some fiercely competitive gourd racers and several other seasonal diversions, including pumpkin bowling, bobbing for apples, and the ever-popular hurling of pumpkins into the woods by Mark Michaud and Don Ramsey’s pumpkin trebuchet. Here, Aidan Lourenco, 7, is shown with his pumpkin, BB8 from Star Wars.

  • Time To Prep Pumpkins For Racing

    Are you a reality TV watcher? Do you enjoy unusual competitions? If your answer to either of these questions is Yes, then the Lions Clubs’ Sixth Annual Great Pumpkin Race is for you.

    This year’s event will be held Saturday, October 17, between 10 am and 2 pm, behind Edmond Town Hall, 45 Main Street.

    The pumpkin racing is only one of a number of things to participate in or to view that day, including the pumpkin decorating contest and the raffle of the Lions classic 1966 Mustang convertible.

  • Jugglers & Dancers Added To The Mix For Great Pumpkin Races

    A crew stands by during last year’s Great Pumpkin Races with the Medieval-style trebuchet that occasionally launches pumpkins into the woods behind Edmond Town Hall.

  • Almost Time For Great Pumpkin Races

    What fall sport do you participate in? Is it football? soccer? Or are you just warming up for basketball?

    For the past four years the Newtown Lions Club has offered a different sort of fall sport: pumpkin racing. All that is needed to participate is to create a pumpkin racer with two axels, attached through the pumpkin. Size and shape do not matter.

  • Lions Club Planning Fourth Annual Great Pumpkin Races, And More

    An elaborate pumpkin racer was created for the Third Annual Great Pumpkin Races last year. Traditionally, racers have had just two sets of axles running through them, as seen in the background.