• Getting FOI Right

    There is a certain irony to the controversy that blew up on social media in the final days of this year’s local election campaign over the leak of confidential digital communications of the Board of Education. A school board member eventually identified himself as the source of the leak in the face of a pending investigation of the breach by the school board.

  • Privacy Vs. The Right To Know

    The days of reckoning following December 14, 2012, led nearly everyone to the same conclusion: We can do better than this. No matter what the issue — gun violence, mental health, school security — there was an overwhelming sense that perhaps something had been overlooked that could have secured for that infamous date the blessedly obscure status of just another Friday.

  • Parents’ Right To Know

    To the Editor:

    The people of Newtown have the right to know of the ongoing progress resulting the FOIA request Ablechild.org has pending in the court. A petition was signed by hundreds of Newtown residents and multiple amounts of Newtown and Sandy Hook business owners regarding the medical records and toxicology reports of Adam Lanza. One of the state's responses can be viewed from http://www.infowars.com/state-of-connecticut-refuses-to-release-adam-lanzas-medical-records/.