Holcombe Hill Preserve

  • Guided Hike Saturday With NFA

    A guided hike at Holcombe Hill Preserve will be a National Trails Day event. 

  • Volunteers Refresh Gardens At Holcombe Hill During Annual Day Of Action

    Sparse, cottony clouds and a gentle breeze kept volunteers company Wednesday, June 4, at the Holcombe Hill Wildlife Preserve.

  • Students Plan A Tree Nursery At NFA Preserve

    The Newtown Forest Association (NFA) is working with parent Nancy Dunn and a group of eighth grade students on a science project, the Holcombe Hill Tree Nursery, which will establish a pilot tree nursery behind the Holcombe Hill Preserve.

    On October 5 at 10:30 am at the 55 Great Hill Road preserve, the Holcombe Hill Tree Nursery project will see roughly 15 trees planted there. Previously donated saplings will have a chance to grow until they are ready to be transplanted on the NFA’s parcels throughout Newtown.